Ashley battle from "battle for beauty"

Where am I from?

Raleigh, North Carolina

Where do I live now?

Las Vegas, Nevada

Where Did I go to School & what did i major in?

Virginia Tech and I have two degree’s, one in Public Relations and another one in Marketing Management

were you an athlete?

Yes! I played volleyball for Virginia Tech and two seasons for Team USA on their Collegiate National Team.


How tall am i?

Ahh my most asked question… I’m 6’2 :)

What’s my job?

I’m a project manager for a fashion company

Why did I start this blog?

Originally… I started this blog while I was preparing to start my Youtube channel! It was a lot of work, a lot of equipment and a lot of time to put together, but I did it! I’ve always loved and been passionate about makeup ever since I could remember. I learned how to do most of what I know through Youtube so I figured, might as well start one myself! It’s one of the most creative outlets you can have, but also one of the most challenging!


Where am I at now?

As you may have noticed, I don’t post on my Youtube anymore and neither to my blog! I always loved blogging and creating content as a hobby, however as I’ve progressed professionally, I’ve found a whole new love for my career and have decided to put all of my time and energy into building a company and focusing on myself and the relationships I have around me.

I have however, learned a TON in the past year that I’m so excited to share with you all on my Instagram. I’ve found a whole new love for fitness and nutrition, skin care and fashion that I want to pursue those to a deeper level and become the best version of myself, and I want to share all of that with you :)

Hope you’ll join me! Follow me @battle4beauty to see more. xx