Fashion Nova: Hit or Miss?


I was actually surprised at the amount of people asking me about my Fashion Nova clothes since I posted that one picture on the steps of the Palazzo (you know which one, but if not, it's down below). I forgot that there has been a good amount of controversy surrounding the brand, and if you're not familiar with it, just look up any Youtube review on their clothes.

Fashion Nova is notorious for using models with ridiculously skinny waists and huge behinds on their website, so their clothing seems a bit crazy because literally no one looks like the women do on their website. Are they photoshopped? Fashion Nova claims they're not, but hey, every picture that goes up on the internet is edited, so we may never know. 

I decided to give you my review on the 3 orders I've gotten from them so far. Take a look!




I wouldn't say this is the highest quality of fabrics used, but I do enjoy the way that the clothes I haven't gotten feel. Every bodysuit I've gotten is very soft and comfortable to wear. I was most skeptical about the pants but they are made very well and the Push Play Pants I got were a tad bit thin but were not see through, but still very comfortable.


I compare the style and collections of their clothing to Windsor Store and Missguided (some may include Forever 21, Tobi and Charlotte Russe but I think they are a step down from these stores). Out of the 3, I would say the quality of Fashion Nova is about the same, if not a bit better. The materials are well put together and I would say very worth it for the price. 





LOVE! This is probably my favorite part about Fashion Nova. You definitely get your moneys worth. Like I mentioned above, I believe the quality is pretty good for the price. The other best part about this is they always, like ALWAYS have some sort of sale or coupons out there you can use. You can get 15% off your purchase just for signing up to their emails. If you haven't done this yet, go ahead and download the honey app. I was able to get 40% off one of my orders just from using the app. I was able to get about 8 or 9 pieces of clothing from them for less than $100 which I call a steal since I'm attempting to revamp my entire closet. 




You get a little bit of everything from Fashion Nova! The majority of their clothes are going out/party clothes but they do have a selection of casual clothes, athletic wear, and now because of the timing, Halloween costumes! I really believe the one thing that makes Fashion Nova stand out the most is how fast they adapt to trends. They have an entire section of clothes that Kylie wears, they drop new styles pretty frequently and they also have a huge selection of stock. 


The reason I started shopping at Fashion Nova was really because I wanted to update my wardrobe. I was tired of wearing the same thing everyday (aka leggings and Adidas t-shirts) and I finally had some money to invest in more stylish clothes. First thing I did was take inspiration from a few of my favorite celebrities and bloggers for outfit ideas and styles and went shopping. Fashion Nova literally had everything that I needed and more and because of the affordable price, I was sold. Not only that, but I found outfits that I can wear to work here too which is a HUGE plus for me. Shopping at one place for everything I need just makes my life that much easier.




Like I mentioned in the intro, the big controversy has come from their photos on the site. The models clearly look photoshopped in the pictures (like clearly) but they claim they are not. They have super small waists and large behinds so it's a bit skeptical when it comes to the fit of clothes, especially with pants. However if you follow the size chart, you will be perfectly fine when it comes to sizing of items. Of course I haven't tried EVERY single item on their site, but from my experience I only have had to send back a few items.



FOR EXAMPLE! I ended up getting the Nikoletta Jogger Pants and I accidentally ordered a large when I size to a medium, which, I feel like shouldn't have been a problem on me. HOWEVER, GIRL! I tried the pants on anyway and the waist was soooo, SO big that the pants actually fell off of me. Like I was so shocked because the model in the picture has the smallest waist, which I figured would be great since I have a smaller waist, they are also meant to be high waisted, yet the waist of those pants was not workable at all. I got the Cadet Kim Oversized Camo Pants and the waist was perfect however, so that was the only sizing pass so I may end up staying with pants with drawstring waists. 


I would also like to note that I am 6'2 with a 37 inch inseam. I will not ever try any of the full length pants because of this reason. They also don't state the inseams of their pants which, tall ladies, is a dead giveaway that it's going to be for someone who is the average height of 5'8 I believe. I know I can never find a pair of pants with the perfect length for me so tall girls, sorry, it's probably not going to work. I want to get into highlighting more tall shops so stay tuned for those ;) 


Customer Service and Shipping 


Ok here we go... this is where we start getting into cons. They are based out of LA I believe and being in Vegas, I believe I got my stuff a bit faster than other people. From order time to delivery, it was about 3-4 days each time. BUT... my very first order, they ended up sending me a pair of jeans instead of a pair of Bermuda shorts I had desperately been wanting. They do not provide a shipping label (which is a huge con for me) so I ended up having to go to the post office and and pay to ship them back. I spent about $9 I think because it fit in a smaller package. I thought ok, this is fine, they'll just send me the right shorts back.




I was extremely put off that I ended up having to pay to ship back an item that was the result of their mistake for one. Not only that, I didn't hear back from them either after the item was returned to them. Two weeks went by and I emailed them asking about my return and they said they had received it and only offered me store credit from the pair of shorts I ordered... So at the end of the day, I had to order the pair of shorts, again, and pay for shipping technically three times (first order was free since it was over $75, once for the return and once for ordering it again) all for something that was their mistake, and they didn't let me know that they had received the item back in the first place. Very displeased. 


The second order was when I had to ship the jogger pants back and that was about $18 to ship because I (stupidly) used the same box they came in. And again, they don't offer refunds to your card, they only offer store credit in the amount of the item you bought.


TO BE COMPLETELY FAIR, they do explicitly state their shipping and returns policy on the website very clearly, including the store credit for returns, that they do not provide shipping labels and what items are non-returnable, so that's nothing to scold them over. However, since they only have a few physical stores ONLY in California, and the rest is online, it seems like they're trying to profit off not only their mistakes, but from anyone who buys from them by not providing shipping labels and only offering store credit back. And let's be honest, when shopping online there are bound to be some things that don't fit, that don't look right when you try it on, etc. So for a store that is primarily online only to not provide shipping labels is a big bust for me and I'm hoping this will change in the future. 


To be honest however, the customer service is pretty responsive. When I sent in my inquiry about the item return, they got back to me within a day and provided me with the gift card for my store credit within 24 hours so that was impressive. I was just still upset at the fact they didn't go ahead and send me the right pair of shorts after it was clearly marked "wrong item sent".


Final thoughts?


I do enjoy Fashion Nova and will give them an A- overall in my book. The only real con I had was from my negative experiences from returns which honestly, makes me question what items I'm going to buy, aka I'm not buying any pants anymore that don't have drawstrings because I don't want to return them if they don't fit well. However, if they keep growing at the rate they are now, who knows, maybe there will be a change!


I also understand that mistakes happen in shipping, but to send an entirely wrong item and not even offer to send the right one back is a bit annoying and I did not appreciate that. But other than that, I am still taking the bet on their clothes. They are too fashionable for too great of a price and quality to not risk the extra dollars for shipping to order. I appreciate the diverse selection of clothes and will definitely be placing another order when my birthday rolls around for the perfect birthday dress ;) 


If you have any more questions or comments about Fashion Nova, please leave them down below and we'll talk! Tag me on Twitter or Instagram of any looks you have wearing their clothes as well, and I'll retweet you or give you a story shoutout! I will also list every item I got from them down below so you can see what I got.



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Items I bought from fashion nova

*does not include items I'm waiting to get back for different sizes or mentioned previously in the article.



Vizela Bodysuit - Mocha

Back Again Bodysuit - Burgundy

Cienna Bodysuit - Black

Elaina Bodysuit - White


Jojo Sweater - Pink

Come Get it Bae Top- Black 

Aaliyah Top- Black

Pants and Skirts

Across the Universe Skirt - Wine

Across the Universe Skirt - Black

Aaliyah Crop Pants - Black