Finding the Right Nail Salon: Why is it so Hard?

Living in Raleigh, North Carolina for nearly 18 years of my life allowed me to really explore and find the perfect nail salon. Not only that, but my mother was a perfectionist and her nails had to be done the absolute perfect way or else she wouldn't go back, so I followed her lead!

However, when I left my hometown to attend college at Virginia Tech, it was literally impossible to find the perfect nail salon. Now to be honest, there were literally only 3 or 4 salons within an hour radius of us, so we were limited in options, but living there for 5 years and only having so many options made me realize something... 

I have never been to a salon where every technician has the same technique. 

Now, being in the beauty community I understand that everyone has different ways of applying makeup, but for something like nails, I thought there are only a few different ways you can accurately apply acrylics, gel polish and other nail functions.


The one thing that frustrates me the most when it comes to nail technicians is dealing with acrylic nails. I first started getting acrylics in college because they were pretty much industrial strength against cracks and breaks. I played volleyball in college so it was important to me that if I got my nails done, they would last through all the blocking, spiking, diving (ha) etc. Gel just didn't do it for me, but acrylics would ensure that my $50 set of nails would actually last me close to a month without chips or breaks. 

The worst experiences I've had at nail salons has been removals. I used to have one technician that would literally soak my acrylics, file them down, soak them off, file them down etc. until we got to my actual nail. That is in my mind, the only safe way to remove acrylics. However, I once was in a rush to get my acrylics off and didn't want to make an appointment, so I walked into the salon to get them taken off and let me tell you... this man literally tried to file my nail down, and attempt to peel off my acrylic, with another acrylic nail!!! 

Not only did it hurt like hell but it 1000% damaged my nails in the process. He even damaged it so hard that it bled! I asked this guy to just soak them off and he said no, because this is quicker. 

I didn't want it to be quick, I wanted to get my acrylics off and still be left with a nail!

I was so infuriated, but it was one of the only "good" salons in town... the same thing almost happened to me on multiple other occasions but I strictly told the technicians I wanted them to be soaked off and I did have to fight with them a couple times to get them to do it.

Moving to Vegas, I thought I would find better quality technicians, better quality nail salons and I would just HOPE to find a salon where everyone who worked there had the same nail techniques.

Wrong again. That lead me to the conclusion that not all technicians are trained the same, OR, some like to cut corners.

For me, something like getting my nails done is of utmost importance. I want to have the best quality experience and the best quality treatment of my nails. After all, I do type and work with my hands for a living between both my blog and day job. I love getting my nails done when it's right, but I hate it even more when it's not. 


That lead me to my salon suite

I had stopped looking for a nail salon in the Vegas area after one salon tried to pull the whole "let's scrape the acrylic off your fingers" technique again (not to mention, some woman angrily stormed into the salon when I was getting that done and claimed her son got an infection from a pedicure there... but that's a story for another day).

A representative from My Salon Suite reached out to me and offered a complimentary manicure at their suite's right down the road from me so I figured I'd give it a try since I had given up on my search for an actual salon earlier on.

Holy cow was I impressed.

My Salon Suite is a place where all sorts of beauty professionals have the opportunity to rent out a private space to host their business. There are professionals from hairstylists, to estheticians, nail technicians, make-up artists and more that rent out these suites and they are located all across the US and Canada. 

They had set me up with Abigail Worthing, who recently graduated from school and launched her nail business Abbie Nailed It. (cute right?) I was instantly impressed with the security set up in the building, as well as how modern and clean each suite looked. 

I got a gel manicure from Abbie and I literally felt like I made a new friend! She was so down to earth and a self-starter when it came to her nail business. Not only that, but she was also a military veteran (respect!)

I felt so much better getting a manicure from her and I believe it's simply the fact that (not only was she great at what she did), but the fact I could get to know her. At a regular salon, you could get one out of 20 different people doing your nails. Not only would it be hard to pick THE right one out of the 20, but most times, you don't get to know the person unless you actively try. They are always busy, trying to get your nails done as fast as possible to get to the next customer, and it's harder to have good conversations because there are so many other people around you trying to have conversations too.

Getting your nails done is supposed to be relaxing, but a lot of times, it's not because there are so many other people around not giving you the chance to relax in peace and quiet. 


I could go on and on about how great Abbie is, but I suggest if you're in the Vegas area, book her and see for yourself!

I'm so happy for the opportunity to discover My Salon Suite. I believe so much in entrepreneurship as I attempt to be one myself, but My Salon Suite gives beauty professionals the opportunity to have a space they can call their own to launch their businesses, in a professional and clean space. 

If you are struggling to find a nail technician yourself, definitely check out a My Salon Suite in your area and give local entreprenuers a chance. You might find a gem just like I did!




Battleforbeauty <3