October MorpheMe Subscription


Back at it again with another month and you can definitely see this one is a bit special! This months MorpheMe box included a set of 5 brushes and they are giving breast cancer awareness month a run! I was a bit hesitant to make this into a blog because you actually can't buy these brushes on their own; this is exclusive to MorpheMe. It also took me just a little bit longer to get this blog post up because I kept forgetting to try out the brushes, so forgive me on that! But I have officially tried them all and I'm ready to give you my thoughts :)


Face Brushes


Morphe PK4

This is a greater contour brush for starters. I don't prefer this shape of brush for contour or blush anymore but it was a lifesaver when I first started doing makeup! A plus about this brush is that it is very soft (all of them are super soft so it's a plus for all brushes!) they are also pretty travel friendly so if you are just starting out in makeup or learning how to contour, then this brush is for you.


Morphe PK14

I can never get enough of big fluffy face brushes! This is probably one of the softest I own and it is great for finishing powder or running blush over your cheeks if you are trying to make a more flushed out look in your face. 


Eye Brushes


Morphe PK45

Not going to lie... I'm not really a fan. I don't ever use brushes like this for my brows because I never use powder and rarely use cream. This might be good for powder but I prefer my Anastasia Brow Brush for cream products. This one is just too thick and the bristles fray out for me so unfortunately, this one is a no. 


Morphe PK524

I also rarely use brushes like this one but it is good for packing a lot of color on the lid. It's not too dense but not too fluffy either so if you're looking to pat glitter or really shimmery shadows on large lid space, this one is perfect. 


Morphe K36

Can never get enough of these types of brushes! I love it because it is perfect for smaller to medium eyes. It blends out product very well and very precisely in the crease which is great because I don't have to worry about this blowing my shadow all over the place. This might become a staple in my brush collection for sure.



Overall I have been extremely pleased with the MorpheMe subscription. It definitely is providing me with brushes that I want and will use on a daily basis. Will I continue? Maybe, but we'll see come next month ;)



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