Novashine Teeth Whitening Kit Review

If you're obsessed with whitening your teeth like I am, you will try anything if it gives you the chance to get those pearly whites! Novashine smile reached out to me and gave me the opportunity to try out their teeth whitening kit for free so I can tell you guys all about their product and how it works.

If you want to see complete details about how to use the product, go ahead and check out my video below to see everything that comes in the box and how to use the Novashine Professional Teeth Whitening Kit. However, if you are interested in all the other details like if I like it actually works and what I like vs. don't like, then keep on reading!

how to get a brighter whiter smile


The price of this system is pretty affordable! The price for one kit is $59.99 (although they typically have sales) and that comes with an applicator and one tube of whitening gel. I have used the whitening gel for 7 days straight and have barely made a dent in it! I believe it will last me around 21 days if I use it every single day. You can also get 15% off your purchase with my code "BattleForBeauty"!

Is it practical?

Yes! The mouthpiece was actually really comfortable to wear. I ended up wearing mine for almost 30 minutes at a time at some point and I almost forgot I was wearing it. It's also nice since it plugs into your phone so you never have to charge it. Only bad thing would be if you wanted to shower while using this, or put your phone down while using it and you can't. The cord is pretty long so you can stick it in a pocket but other than that and not being able to talk for 15-30 minutes, the mouthpiece is very comfortable to wear and easy to clean. 

Does it work?

YES! I apologize I do not have any before and after pictures to show you. I did not take any before pics but you will be able to see the results in my next video! I started at an 8 on the spectrum and I am now at a 4 which I think is pretty amazing! I would love to see someone with the yellowist of teeth use this however. I did have pretty white teeth before and I know I can visibly see a difference, but I'm not sure if anyone else can. They do not have any claims on how soon you can whiten your teeth with this but they do claim you can whiten multiple times a day as long as no sensitivity occurs. I would definitely do that they day of an event if needed.

What I would improve

I think the product itself is great, easy to use and effective, however I do wish it came with some sort of case or travel case. The product is travel friendly because it's not too bulky, however when you're done using it, I have no idea where to put it! I would like a case to store it in instead of putting it back into the bulky box or in one of my bathroom drawers. I also wish the website was more specific to how long you should use the product and evidence of long-term results. I have no idea how long my teeth will stay this white if I take a week off or don't use it for a couple days. Other than that, I think the product does what it says it does and works well. 



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