Kim Kardashian to Launch Her Own Beauty Line

Well these are some products I WILL be purchasing!


But... I have no idea what products she's launching....


The news just hit today that Kim Kardashian is launching her own line of beauty products on June 21st. After all, she did just collaborate with Kylie on a line of 4 cream lipsticks that many people were surprisingly fans of! So why WOULD'NT she??


I have never purchased anything from Kylie Cosmetics, nor will I because of the many, MANY quality issues in the past and I am just, a fan of other brands!


*I also don't believe in buying something of terrible quality that's pretty pricey just because Kylie can throw her name on it... I'm also not a fan of Kylie but I don't hate her either. SO there's that.


But Kim however... I love anything Kim has ever touched or gotten her hands on so you KNOW I will be waiting for the launch of this.


Oh yeah! Jaclyn Hill is also releasing her palette with Morphe the exact same day. So prepare yourself to drop some dollars if you are both Kim and Jaclyn fans like me!






Battleforbeauty <3