5 Tips on How to Apply Bold Eyeshadow + Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial March 3, 2017 | Ashley Nicole Battle

5 Tips on How to Apply Bold Eyeshadow + Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial

Recently on my youtube channel I posted a makeup tutorial that was very popular from my instagram page and that was on my blue eyeshadow makeup look :) I figured I'd add a blog in as well that include the video, products I used AND some tips that come along with using bright and bold colors for eyeshadow looks.


Check out the video below:




Tips on Applying Bold Eyeshadow Colors:


1. Less is MORE!


Be careful not to completely over do your bright colors. Mixing pinks, purples, blues, yellows, and oranges together will make your look end up muddy, ESPECIALLY if you do not intend to do a sunset eye look! Sticking with one or two bright colors can make your eyeshadow pop even more!


2. Use a Primer


You should always use an eyeshadow primer when applying shadows to the lid, but it is especially important when doing bright colors! Using an eye primer or a concealer as your base will increase your color payoff, make the shadow last longer and prevent creasing.


3. Brush or No Brush?


If you want your color to pop the most, it might not be the smartest to use makeup brushes! Dipping a clean finger into the eyeshadow can increase the amount of pigment that ends up on your lid, while brushes tend to hold onto a little more product. Using a fluffy or blending brush is a BIG NO when dealing with bright colors. If you need to use a brush to get parts of your eye, use something flat or firm and pat the color onto your lid. That way, most of the pigment will not sink into the brush or end up blending out a little too much.


4. Setting Spray Works Wonders!


If you are using that brush, spritz it with a little bit of setting spray to increase color payoff. Adding the setting spray will also lock the color in place on your eyes for a little added boost. I like to spray my brush after the pigment is already on to make sure my shadows or palette do not get wet, which can deteriorate the palette faster if too much moisture continuously stays in the palette, but either way works.


5. Experiment and Practice!


When using bold makeup colors, you most likely will not get it perfect the first time, and that's ok! Makeup is all about figuring out what you do and don't like, so don't be afraid to practice using dramatic colors on your eyes a few times before committing to an actual look! I recommend doing dramatic eyes with bright colors BEFORE your foundation and contour routine. That way, if you mess up, you can take off the eyeshadow makeup and not mess up anything else. Because come on, why mess up a flawless foundation routine for a mess up on your eye? ;)


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