Beau Claire Oval Brushes: First Impressions

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I recently did a full review of Beau Claire Oval Brushes Primadonna Set over on my youtube channel, the video is down below if you would like to check it out!

In this blog I'm going to be giving you detailed review of their brand, these brushes, and more! Scroll down below to read more ;) 


About Beau Claire (from website)


BeauClaire is an Irish Makeup brush company run by Claire Lord who has a vision to accredit women through the beauty and confidence that comes with wearing makeup.  A confident woman moves mountains- so if every woman could walk out of her door looking beautiful and feeling confident, who knows what we will be able to achieve? The world is a scary place and most women out there are extremely shy, lack confidence and have a great fear negative comments. It is extremely difficult to succeed when one does not have confidence in oneself and one’s abilities. By providing professional makeup brushes to women in Ireland and around the world, BeauClaire Makeup Brushes hopes to raise confidence levels of women in Ireland and beyond.


BeauClaire Makeup brushes is not just a brand. It is a personal brand. We are not just selling Makeup tools. We are selling a set of makeup brushes  that are designed to give the user a perfect face within minutes and with as little effort and cost as possible. BeauClaireMakeup Brushes cater for each corner of the face. There is no corner too deep or too complex for BeauClaire brushes. As makeup enthusiasts,  we know you understand how important it is to be able to sleep in a little in the morning and still have time to beat your face to perfection before you walk out of the house… 


BeauClaire is Cruelty free brand and causes no harm to any animals whatsoever. The brushes are are made with synthetic fibers of the highest quality, guaranteed to give you a soft and smooth feel during application. We hope  you enjoy using BeauClaire Makeup Brushes in your daily makeup routine.

Brush Review

PRIMADONNA BRUSH SET: €59.00 = $63.86

Grade: A

VERY soft and did not pick up one bit of product! I was pleasantly surprised with these brushes as I had never used oval brushes before. Since they were a relatively new company, I did not think they would be exact duplicates of the ever-so-famous Artis brushes (and ever so EXPENSIVE)

These blew my mind away! They are very sturdy, soft, and blended out my product in seconds. The only cons I have were the fact they did not come in a carrying case (but that is my personal preference) ***CLAIRE ALSO CONTACTED ME, they typically come in a case but these did not for some reason so disregard that message in my video! The paint was chipped off around one of my brushes upon arrival, but I can easily overlook that due to the quality of the brushes and the fact... they were pink and SPARLKLY!

The other downside is that they do not have numbers ON the brushes, but the website does list each number and function of the brush (which I unfortunately missed when doing the video review! That diagram will be listed in the next bullet point.

They are CRUELTY FREE, which is my new requirement with makeup products and brushes, so you can feel good about buying this brand!


***if you watched the video, I DID try to apply less concealer and blend out with the oval brush and it WORKED! I am saving about 50% of my product now that I have switched from the beauty blender to the beau claire oval brush. Occasionally I will still clean up with my beauty blender if I put on too much product, and I will go in to get the concealer right into the corner of my eye, but using this brush is saving me SO much money and I hopefully won't have to buy concealer for a while ;)


They are fantastic face brushes, however I do not exactly see how these would work for my eyes. Below I've attached a diagram of how the brushes should be used and applied:


I did not use every brush this way, I used the few eye shadow brushes more for a nose contour and they worked out perfectly for me!

I also believe it would be difficult to get the eyeliner brush to apply smoothly. I also do not know of any eyeliner that comes in a big enough container to use on your brush unless it is gel liner.

The eye brow brush, however, has a great potential to work in that function. I have not tried it but it is fairly similar to the shape of other eyebrow brushes. I shall give them a try!



GREAT price for the amount and quality of brushes in the pack! These are fairly cheaper than many of the other oval brushes on the market today, ESPECIALLY the artis brushes (This is $63 for 10 brushes, versus ONE brush for $63 from Artis) 

***Claire Love also gave me a coupon code to share with you guys, use code "battle4beauty" at check out to get €20 (or $21.31) off your order, so it's even cheaper!\



I am EXTREMELY pleased with this brush set and would recommend it to anyone. If you want to try oval brushes, this is the brand to get for the quality and the price. 

Thank you again to Claire Love and the Beau Claire Oval Brushes team for sending me these products :) I'm a huge fan and will be forever grateful for the belief you have in my beauty blog :) 






COUPON CODES: enter "Ashley10" for 10% off your purchase enter "NewShades" for 10% off your purchase enter "battle4beauty" for $20 off your purchase!



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