REVIEW: Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerrero Glow Kit

Hello beautiful! I recently picked up the brand new Glow Kit by Anastasia Beverly Hills by Nicole Guerriero and I have to say it is quite the palette!


I never have been into highlighters as I am a SUPER oily skinned girl and I have a natural highlight as it is after one or two hours after applying my makeup!


But! With some of the oily skin tricks I've been trying lately (which you will hear about very soon!) I have been fighting the natural glow in favor of a bought and paid for one ;)


In this video I give a full review on the palette, as well as swatches and testing all 6 (yes... all 6) highlighters on my face! Now, some of these work on my skin tone, some do not, so YOU will have to be the judge of whether or not you should buy this palette or not. But I am here to give you my opinion on it and my opinion is, well... it's a fantastic palette!


Check out the full review below and my decision on all 6 shades for my skin tone down below <3 



1. Kitty Kat


Gorgeous pink shade, it looks fantastic on my skin but definitely shows up PINK! All these shades are very sparkly and buildable as expected, but this shines very bright on me and gives a gorgeous natural finish. I would wear this for an everyday highlighter, but only with neutral color shadows.


2. Forever Young


This shade was... just OK to me. It's nothing special in my opinion. Very sheer with brown undertones. It is very similar to glo getter and 143 in this palette so it did not stand out to me. Another sheer shade so good for everyday wear with neutral color shadows. 


3. Daydream


MY FAVORITE OF THE KIT!! This shade is an absolutely GORGEOUS peach highlighter. Peach colors just radiate off my skin and look natural as well. It was the most sheer and subtle of the palette and did not show up as much as the others, which is actually what I want! Since my skin does get oily throughout the day, if I'm blinded by a highlighter right off the bat, at the end of the day I will be looking some sort of crazy by the end of the day! This peach glistens and glows on my skin and is my perfect shade, but probably not great for someone of fair skin (just my opinion, try it out for yourself!). I would wear this with any makeup look.


4. Forever Lit


HOLY BLINDING!!! This is the most pigmented color from the kit and it is GORGEOUS! This shade is almost duochrome, appearing silver with blue undertones as you go along. This is a lot of people's favorites and fair skin girls will BLIND in this shade, but unfortunately for mine, it was TOO bright. I don't like to have extreme highlight (if you can't tell), but I love this color for an inner corner highlight and maybe even a lid color! Works well on the face with cool tone shadows.


5. Glo Getter


This color is also pretty average for me, but comes off as a more pigmented "forever young". This comes off as more gold and would work for someone of all skin tones I believe. This is the "safe" highlight for me, aka, if you can't decide on if you want to blind or be subtle, this is your in-between. Can wear with all makeup looks.


6. 143


This by far is my FAVORITE gold of the palette. It's very pigmented and very warm-toned. This GLOOWWSSSSS so well on my skin tone and would absolutely stun on dark skin tones. I believe everyone can wear this shadow, but fair toned people should be aware that it is GOLD and will come off gold. I would wear this with more neutral and warm toned shadows, but will also wear daily because it goes with everything just fine and can add an extra "oomph" to your look.




Battle for beauty <3 





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