Skin Care Survival Guide For The Winter

Living in a very cold and windy city for 5 years of college really taught me my lesson when it came to my skin and cold weather!

Growing up in Raleigh, North Carolina, we never really got that much snow! It was never cold enough but we did have a few years of snow storms here and there.

Every winter in my college town was the most miserableee time during the year as I never really adapted to the fall season being only about 2 or 3 weeks and winter being, well.. like six MONTHS! Ugh.

BUT! Going through those times helped me come up with many tips on how to keep my skin healthy and survive getting windburn in all the most painful spots (yes, your eyes can get wind burn).

Here are a few of my survival guide tips to surviving the harsh winter. 

1. Don't Rule out Ski Masks!

Lol, sounds crazy right?! But for those days you have to spend walking across campus, to your car or just in harsh conditions like general, these things are a life saver, and can be super cute!

My freshman year I was caught with a case of HUGEEEEE windburn all over my face while walking to class in negative degree wind chills. My mother instantly sent me a leopard print ski mask that I could adjust to go all the way up my face, including being able to see through the hood.

It might mess up your make up, and it might get you some weird stares from people, but hey, you're warm and protected. Your skin will also thank you when you don't have a red rash for months that burns whenever you try to do anything with your face. 

2. Extra, EXTRA Moisturizer

Your skin may be ok with the routine it has now, and you may think it is going to be ok for winter. But if you're in a super cold place like me or temperatures drop quickly, you'll want to amp up your moisture intake quite a bit. AHEAD of time too.

Don't wait until temperatures start to drop below freezing to add some moisture. Fall is the perfect time to start adding extra even before bed to prep your skin for the dry season. If you start when your face starts to get dry, then it'll take you a while to counteract the damage that is already done (trust me, winter hit me by surprise this year).

Choose your moisturizer wisely as well! Make sure you have something that includes ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, coconut or argan oil, shea butter, etc. Do your research, test out some products ahead of time and find the one that's right for you. 

My skin gets super dry specifically around my mouth and eyebrows in the winter, and these are two of my favorite serums and moisturizers I use to hydrate my skin fast.

-Maracuja Oil:

-Eucerin Original Healing Cream:

3. Humidify

Winter weather makes every type of air cold and dry, including the air in your house! Chances are, you're also blasting the heat to stay warm during winter right? Using a humidifier can counteract that dryness and essentially put moisture back in to your skin overnight!

Just turn the humidifier on during the night, and you'll wake up with softer, more hydrated and supple skin that will make you forget it's winter (until you get out from under your covers at least)! In all, it provides maximum benefits for your skin. Below is the one I use! *thanks momma :) 

Air Innovations Clean Mist Humidifier with Extension Nozzle:

4. Don't Stop Exfoliating!

You may think it's counter-productive to exfoliate your skin since it will typically make it dryer, but it's actually quite the opposite!

You still want to exfoliate during the winter because you're skin is still shedding! Exfoliating get's all the dead skin off your face to make room for newer, fresher skin. If you quit exfoliating during all of winter, it'll take longer for your skin to regenerate because the skin that is shedding is staying on your face for longer periods of time. Not removing it will make it harder for all those moisturizing products you're using to penetrate beneath the surface of your skin for deep and instant hydration. 

Now, am I say exfoliate every day still? No, because exfoliating every day will make your skin dry in any weather condition! If you already exfoliate 3 times a week, maybe limit to only once or twice a week. Feel your skin, because you know your skin better than anyone. If you think the scrubbing is overkill, take a break and come back later. Just don't wait until spring time to start up again!

5. Remember Sunscreen?

Yeah that?

Keep using it!

The sun is still out and strong during the winter even if it doesn't feel like it, so make sure your moisturizer (and possibly foundation) still has an SPF in it. This is best to prevent dark spots that take you all year long to clear up, AND prevents you from skin cancer (which EVERYONE, no matter WHAT skin type or color, should be aware of. Skin Cancer is NO joke, should be taken seriously by everyone and affects everyone regardless of genetics, age or sun exposure.)

So keep wearing sunscreen during the day.

Got it? Good. 

6. Seek Help from a Dermatologist

When in doubt, doctor it out! (yeah that was lame). If you're having severe skin issues, such as red patches, a rash, peeling skin, lesions, or anything else, seek out professional help immediately. 

It's one thing to take care of your skin, it's another to recognize when there is an actual problem. These things are not uncommon to happen or flare up during winter when your skin is most vulnerable. Listen to your body, because like I said, only you know your skin the best, so treat it with respect and get the help you need (and deserve as a confident woman).

Go tackle winter like it's no ones business!


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