St. Patricks Day Makeup Look

Happy (almost) St. Patricks day! 


I've never been one to go all out in celebrating this holiday but that doesn't mean you can't make fun makeup looks for it!


I had absolutely ZERO green in my makeup collection when planning this makeup look so I ran to my local CVS and came across the Revlon Photoready Eye Art stick. I had never seen it or even heard of it before, but I was desperate for some green, and it had gold sparkles! Green + gold sparkles = St. Patricks Day to a tee!


View the entire makeup tutorial below on how I used the product and my full review of the product below :) 



Revlon Photoready Eye Art: Desert Dazzle


1. The Product


The packaging is fantastic, has it is completely transparent so you can tell what color you are getting. The applicator for the shadow side is perfect size to use straight out of the package, and the glitter handle is sharp enough to use as a liner, but flexible enough to pack on for shadow. All around A+ for package. 


2. Finish


The shadow went on VERY smoothly, and not streaky. I was able to cover my entire lid with one dip in the applicator. The glitter was sheer enough to not be over bearing, but requires some layering for full coverage which is great for a glitter.


3. Wear


If layered on top of each other, the product felt pretty heavy. It is a liquid shadow so will be thicker than most, however I could feel this more than others. The good thing about it is that it didn't crease at all! After a whole day of wear, the shadow appeared the way it did when I first applied it. The glitter on my inner corner pulled a little bit whenever I scrunched my nose and is easy to peel off. If you have frequent eye problems or sensitive eyes, I wouldn't recommend this for more than a few hours, but chances are if you're wearing this, you're going to want to wear it all night!


4. Overall?


Fantastic product for the price! The formula was great, just a bit heavy, but super long wearing, pigmented, even and a beautiful finish. I definitely recommend this product if you're looking for a certain color and a dramatic long wearing eye look! 



battleforbeauty <3 






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