​​​​​​​Why Your Skincare Routine is More Important Than Your Makeup!


Yes, it really is! And not too hard to believe either.

Taking care of your skin is key to perfect make up application, healthy make up application, and confidence in your overall look! 

Here are some reasons why and tips to getting a perfect skin care routine and perfect look every time :)


1. Why is skincare more important?

It's the foundation of everything you do! You may be thinking "yeah I have these dark spots/circles/acne/uneven skin tone/whatever, but I have concealer and so and so to fix it!"

While you're right because make up is a gift from God, make up application is also easier when you don't have those issues! 

A healthy foundation radiates from within, and if you have great skin, you won't have to rely on these products to "fix" the trouble spots. Make up application is also a more seamless process when you don't have to worry about 15 different things you want to do to your face to make it look "flawless". Taking care of your skin is also important to keep away permanent damage and prevent those tiny signs of aging 20 or 30+ years down the road (something we all can get behind!)

PLUS, it's nice to know if one day you're late and have to run out of the house in a hurry, that your dark spots/circles/acne/uneven skin tone/whatever, is already taken care of by a great skin care routine ;) 

2. How can I figure out my perfect skincare routine?

It's all about trial and error baby! Nothing will work instantly for you. You'll need to shop around and try different products to figure out what works for you. 

An important part of this includes knowing your skin. Listening to your body and knowing how your skin feels to you is essential to figuring out what you need. 

Does your face get shiny during the day? Skin feel a little tight and dry? Do you burn easily? Have skin that can with hold any chemical? Do you have wrinkles you want to fix? Dark spots? Age spots? Rosacea? Have a little of everything? Have none of these and are blessed by the skin gods with perfect skin? Ask yourself these questions!

And do your research. If you keep up with my blog, I will let you know about all the ins and outs of figuring out your skin type and how to deal with all kinds! But for now, look up some general routines for your skin type and consult your dermatologist or primary physician to get some recommendations. And go at it! Only you will know what works best for you.

3. Don't be afraid to whip out your wallet!

*One of my mottos for life: NEVER go cheap when it comes to buying 1. string cheese, 2. cereal, 3. skin care products.

(yes, store brand string cheese and cereal NEVER taste the same as the name brand stuff. Ever.)

You love the way you look, right? You feel confident when you look your best, right? So why take a chance and ruin it with a gas station make up wipe filled with toxic chemicals that will irritate your skin after one use and cause you months of damages and repair to your skin? 

Drug store skin care products are great, IF the brand works for you. Again, it is trial and error, but when it doubt, dish out for a product known to have higher quality ingredients, as well as NATURAL ingredients. Sometimes natural, doesn't mean strong enough, and that is ok. You have to know what works for you, but if you do not recognize the brand or the ingredients seem sketch, don't buy it because it's just "on sale" or just "affordable". Fork out the money for something of better quality and your skin will thank you for ages to come, because there's nothing more uncomfortable and inconvenient about irritated skin.

4. General Skin Care Tips

-Keep up! Your skin changes with the weather, with age, with location, everything. Listen to your body and keep up as necessary. And try to predict it ahead of time to avoid that nagging "adjusting" phase between seasons or locations.

-Take your make up off everyyyy nighttttttt!!!! Even one night of sleeping in make up will leave you with pesky blackheads, clogged pores, sore eyes and ruined pillow cases in the morning. Just do it, even if you're a little out of it when you go to bed (yes I'm talking about those drunk nights you ubered home and barely made it to your bed. For the love of your face, don't stop at the couch. Please make it to your face wipes!)

-Use a primer! Even if you wear extremely light-weight and little make up everyday, your skin could take a serious beating if it get's into your pores everyday. Create the barrier between your skin and make up with a good primer to keep your skin healthy and pores free to be! 

-Exfoliate at least once a week. You want to get that invisible dead skin off your face to make room for new, and to ensure your current skin care products to really work. Exfoliating even a little bit can make your skin look healthier and brighter, but don't over do it! It's all about listening to your body, so don't scrub to the point of broken skin. Exfoliating is to renew your skin, not break it down!

-Hydrate! Drink water everyyyy day! Now I'm not one of those that advocates for gallons of gallons of water a day because it's not usually possible or convenient for the average person. If you can do it, even better! If you can't, always carry a water bottle incase and don't let yourself get thirsty. That's a sign you are already dehydrated and your skin isn't getting the amount of hydration it needs. Stay ahead of the game and drink up.


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