Vegas Hot Spots: Tea Lounge at Mandarin Oriental

Well... we went SUPER bougie this weekend thanks to my boyfriends brother Kobie. 


We visited the Tea Lounge at Mandarin Oriental for some afternoon tea and apparently, had the last reservation for the summer. (yeah, you need reservations for this place)


Let me just give you a basic rundown...


The Menu


There was quite a few options, including endless mimosas for $25, other food items and a LOT of tea, but we decided to get the basic afternoon tea spread. This came with 3 plates of finger foods (no, I cannot even tell you what the items were because they were so fancy, except for the "scones"), and your choice of tea (free refills, yay). 


The food was here and there.. a few items were SO delicious and a few were so odd, I didn't know what I was eating and were quite, gross... but I think the good definitely outweighed the bad.


There were SO many types of teas, but we decided to get "Mandarin Blossoms" which was a type of green tea and it was the most amazing tea I've ever had in my life!


We also ordered two cupcakes and they were SOOO good. One was red velvet and the other tasted almost like birthday cake. Were they worth the $5 each? I would say definitely. 



Take a look at our spread here



I have literally no other words for this place except for bougie! Haha, the view was incredible of the strip, it was quiet with nice music but could talk normally, it was intimate and we sat on comfy chairs and a couch. Over all the place was extremely relaxing.


However, since it was so bougie, we DEFINITELY felt out of place. At least Kareem and I did, lol




Our server was fantastic and made us feel very welcome so no problems there! She was also very educated on the menu and the items. 


Would I Go Back?


Ehhh.... I'm not sure, lol. It was VERY expensive for such little items. The tea was probably the best tea I've ever had in my life, but... I still don't think it was worth it for my budget. Keep in mind! I just graduated college and am starting a full time job next week! So the budget has to stay low for now. However, there ARE cheaper options I would go back for, but still... I'll let you know after 6 months into my job. 


BUT, if I were trying to impress somebody or make someone bougie feel right at home, this is the place. Or if I had just gotten a massage and wanted to relax more, I would go back. This place was BEYOND relaxing, upscale and fancy so worth it if you're coming to Vegas to live bougie.



So after all that, I'm not sure if I can label this as a hot spot since one set of afternoon tea was like $40 I think, BUT, if you are looking to appear EXTRA fancy and bougie and just... extra in general, this is your spot.




Battleforbeauty <3