4 Tips to Get the PERFECT Contour & Highlight

Here's my latest Youtube video on how to contour perfectly every time for day and night!


For more in-depth details and descriptions, check out my favorite tips about contouring down below:


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1. Find your natural bone structure

Contouring is all about accentuating the natural bone structure of your face. If you'd like to tweak something about your face shape, check out my video to figure out how! But if you want to get the basics of contouring, feel your cheek, nose and jaw bones and follow those lines for the most natural looking contour.


2. Create shadows, and bring out the high points of your face

The fundamentals of contouring and highlighting all revolve around creating shadows and picking out high points of the face to bring forward. Need a defined cheek bone? Create a shadow right underneath your natural cheek bones with contour, and highlight the top of the cheek bone to bring it forward. This way, you define your feature and make it look as prominent and sculpted as possible.

(still need some guidance? watch the video ;) )


3. Medium to full coverage foundation ALWAYS needs some type of contour!

When we use fuller coverage foundations, our face becomes one-dimensional and takes away all kind of shapes to our face! You NEED to contour if you're using them, or else your face will look weird (for lack of a better word), and very obvious you're wearing make up. With medium-full coverage foundations, you can use both cream and powder contour to make your look last all day and night, or just powder if that works for your skin! If you're wearing a tinted moisturizer or a light-coverage foundation, it's most important to use ONLY a powder contour. Using cream alone or cream and powder together will put more emphasis on the contour and will look unnatural to the eye. 


4. Picking out contour and highlight shades

No matter what your skin tone is, you can figure out what shades you need for contouring and highlighting with just this simple formula:

Contour: 2-3 shades darker

Highlight: 2-3 shades lighter

That's it! You may think you're the fairest of the fair or the darkest of the dark skin as it is, but there's always a shade!

If you're fair skin, your concealer may look the same shade, but still do it! It'll even out your skin and you can use a shimmer highlight on the high parts of your face. To keep your contour from being TOO dark, start light and you may need to only go a shade darker and build. Find a contour palette with multiple shades you can work with and go from there.

If you're dark skin and can't find a darker contour shade, like a said, still do it! Most products are forgiving and the more you layer and blend the contour the more defined the area will be.

When in doubt, head to a counter! The workers at Ulta and Sephora are hired to help you, so let them help! They can shade and color match you for your contour, concealer, highlight, and everything! Who knows, you may also be using the wrong foundation shade! It always helps to have another eye.


Don't give up my beauties! There's a solution for everyone ;)




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