All About Lash Extensions

Ohhhh how I've waited for the day to tell you all about my experience with lash extensions! Keep reading, because if you're interested in getting them or just wondering about mine, suit up and get ready to hear about the in's, out's, care, and pay off of having lash extensions :) 


Check out my video on how I do my lash extensions!





1. Why did I get them?


I was just curious! I was at the nail salon one day with my good friend Bailey (shout out girl), and I was waiting to get my mani-pedi. I was looking through their services and noticed they had lash extensions. At this point (about a year and a half to two years ago), I never even heard of them, and the lady that was doing my nails was the one who did them! Needless to say, after thought and deep consideration during my mani-pedi and support from Bailey and encouragement from the beautician, I decided to get them!


I've had extensions ever since :)


Lashes, in my opinion, can make or break a look. I know for one, if I leave the house in just mascara, I would feel 1000x more confident and felt like I had a full face of make up on, so why not get them?


2. Do I like them?




I LOVE THEM! Best decision I have ever made beauty wise for myself :)


3. What Kind of Extension Did I Get?


There are two types of lash extensions. In a nutshell, they are:


1. Glue On

2. Threaded 


I got the glue on. They basically take a pack of lashes and use a special glue to put them on top of my lashes for a fuller and longer look.


4. What has the upkeep been like?


I've been fairly persistent with my upkeep, as I now do them myself! If I do them right and correctly, they last about 3-4 weeks with touch ups. A month comes around and my lashes are SUPER grown out, so I either wait for them to fall off all at once, or I take them off with a special remover and re-do them.


5. How Do I Put Them On?


LOOK AT THE YOUTUBE VIDEO! ;)  I listed the products I use at the very end. Overall, if I do them right it takes about 20-25 minutes to put them on, not including removal time. Remember, I've been doing this for about two years so I'm pretty good at it now. And again, I do them about once a month. So virtually no time at all.


6. Does it ruin your natural lashes?


Here is the tricky part. No they do not! But ONLY, and I repeat ONLY if you do them correctly. 


When I first got them, my biggest mistake was not knowing exactly everything about them and not doing my research. I had no idea how to remove them and essential removed them myself, which took out a BUNCH of my lashes. But, since I know how to take care of them, my lashes have grown back and are extremely healthy. All while never having my extensions off for more than a night of sleep.  


I've researched this in and out, and there are no known long term effects of lash extensions just yet because they're so new, but if you don't take care of them they will change your lashes. 


My lashes are thinner, and a little more straight than they used to be (they are naturally pretty curly), but they are still just as long as they were beforehand. I believe it's because I use SOOOO many lashes when most people use only a few so the lashes and the glue weigh down my natural ones, making them straight. But I have no trouble thinking if I stop the lashes for a month or two, that they'll go back to how they were before. 


Right now, I'm really not concerned because my natural lashes are healthy and moisturized when I take the extensions off, and that's all that really matters, because mascara and a lash curler work miracles!


7. Will I keep getting them?


Um... DUH! These are my favorite beauty products so I don't see them leaving any time soon ;) 


8. Why I LOVE them!


I don't even know where to start with this one, but here are a few reasons!


-They give me confidence and give me LIFE!! Back when I was a college athlete, I remember times I'd have to wake up at 5am, get to the gym and not leave until around 12 and have to be at class at 12:30 (awful, right?). So when was there time to do make up? 5am? On the bus to class? Yeah, no. When I leave the house with my lash extensions, I feel like I have a full face of make up on INSTANTLY! Again, I feel lashes complete the face and make your eyes pop, which is the main attraction on your face. You make your eyes look great but some dark lashes, and BOOM, you're set.


-I honestly get some good attention because of it, lol. Now I don't want to sound like an attention queen, but I absolutely love it when someone looks at me and goes "oh my gosh you're lashes are sooo perfect!! How do you do them??" People think my lash extensions are actually, real.... (mostly people who don't really know beauty think these gigantic things on my face are real and I think it's great). My lashes have just gotten bigger and bolder over the years so no way that they look natural, but it's a conversation starter for sure and I get to speak to more people because of them, which I love :)


-It's kinda my staple now. I used to be known as "oh yeah that tall volleyball girl!" but now I frequently hear my friends be like "oh yeah somebody was like 'blah blah blah that girl with the lashes'" so I'm starting to get noticed by them, and I'm perfectly ok with it! If someone comes up to me and calls me the girl with the lashes, I would welcome them with open arms and invite them for a drink, because I love being the (tall) girl with the lashes and, hey, it's not the worst thing to be called amirite?!?



So those are the points I have about my lashes :) again check out my Youtube video and subscribe to my channel! If you have any questions, PLEASE comment and ask me. I want to answer all your questions and talk to you.



Thanks again for sticking with my through this awfully long post ;) 




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Products Used for Lash Extensions:


-Ardell Double-Up Individual Lashes short and medium :,default,pd.html#q=ardell&start=52

-Ardell Individual Lashes: Long :,default,pd.html#q=ardell+long+individual&start=2

-Ardell Lashlite Dark Adhesive:,default,pd.html#q=ardell+adhesive&start=4

-Ardell Lash Free Adhesive Remover:,default,pd.html#q=ardell&start=4

-Trim Beauty Care Slant Tip Tweezers:

-Elf Cosmetics Lash Curler: