8 Tips to Make You Feel More Confident Daily!


You have three exams today. You studied until 3 AM and the only thing you ate the day before was, well... coffee. And more coffee. You wake up at 7 AM and just don't have the energy to get out of bed. But you do and you feel like crap for the day.


We all have those days that we roll out of bed and don't feel very confident with ourselves. We don't have time to shower, need to wax our brows but can't find time, haven't shaved in weeks, anything!


Here are 8 of my favorite small things you can do to make you feel confident and ready to take on the day instantly!


1. Bold Lip Color


This is number 1 for a great reason. Bold lips = bold you! A powerful lip color shows that you are confident and you are powerful! Even if you're feeling bad that one day, go ahead and throw on that red, bright pink, purple, black, anything! Bold lips are confident and sexy, so rock it! 


2. Dry Shampoo/shampoo substitute


I know the miracles that can happen from dry shampoo for you ladies that need to wash your hair everyday. Sometimes it takes too much time, so spray on some dry shampoo in the morning, throw your hair in a cute messy bun and head out for the day. You'll feel MUCH more confident without that greasy hair in your way! I also recently found out about shampoo and conditioner substitutes. Not exactly sure if they work, but here is one I recently received from my mom if you're interested in looking more into them. (if it comes from my mom, I know it's good.)


3. Mascara


We ALL know what a good set of lashes can do for your look! One coat of mascara instantly attracts attention to your eyes, makes you look more awake and feel ready for the day. You don't need a full face of makeup to feel confident, you just need some mascara! It only takes a minute to throw on a coat and head out for your day.


4. Perfume


A perfume that's either fresh or citrusy is my go-to for waking me up in the morning. If you are rushed and had to skip your morning shower, or worked out and didn't have time to get ready before class (talking to all the college athletes out there), a nice light perfume can give you that boost of "smell-good" so you won't have to worry if you missed out on deodorant for the morning.


5. Concealer


Under eye bags and dark circles are a dead giveaway of lack of sleep and stress. A good coverage concealer instantly brightens your face and you won't have to worry about the "wow you look tired today" comments. My two favorite high-end concealers are the Tarte Shape Tape for a full-coverage concealer and the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer for a medium to full-coverage look. If you're looking to go drug-store, you can't go wrong with the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer or the LA Girl Pro Concealer


6. Throw on Your Brightest T-Shirt!


Wearing bright colors makes you feel brighter instantly according to color studies. Neon colors especially! Bright colors ensue a bright attitude and we'll make sure your confidence shows through regardless of how your morning went. Heading into the winter months and don't want to be too bright? Incorporate a pop of color like reds, greens or royal blues into your wardrobe to fit better with the season. 


7. Athleisure


With this rising trend, it's acceptable to wear your athletic clothes, anywhere! They're increasingly cute as well. Throw on your most comfortable leggings with your brightest sweatshirt and you'll feel comfortable but fashionable as well. Take it up a notch and pair your athleisure with your best pair of sneakers so if you're on your feet for a while, they won't feel tired either. 


8. Have you had your nails done lately?


Getting your nails done can instantly have a great feeling affect! Pick a day to pamper yourself and you'll leave feeling refreshed and comfortable with a new set of shellac!





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