Makeup Collabs: Fake or Great?

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I've been wondering after my Colourpop post you guys enjoyed... what are your opinions on makeup collabs in general?


I've been following beauty guru Laura Lee for sometime and just the other day she mentioned on her snapchat that some people are totally over makeup collabs and she gave her opinion on why she supports them. DUH, she's a beauty guru so of COURSE she supports them!

But that got me thinking... when a makeup brand collaborates with an influencer, there is HUGE profit to be accounted for. The brands collab with the influencers, they create a product together, the influencer promotes, the product goes on sale, usually in limited quantities, they sell out and both the brand and influencers get a paycheck. That's pretty much the lifecycle of a makeup collab.


Some people see this as a scam for big companies. They get INCREDIBLY cheap advertising from the influencer which makes people think they do it to make a quick and easy profit. (Instead of paying millions to produce an entire commercial, they either only pay a portion for the influencer to produce a video or sometimes, since influencers are proud of their products, they don't get paid for the video at all). I agree that this can seem pretty shady, but I also agree that it is smart. With my marketing background and ambitions to at some point be an influencer myself, it's hard not to see this as a good thing!


First of all, the opportunity to work with a reputable makeup brand in itself is something none of us will EVER see in any aspect! If Tarte Cosmetics came to me and said they liked my work and wanted to make a product with MY NAME on it, I think I would faint before I could even say yes. 


A brand reaching out to an influencer doesn't mean they want to use their image to make money, it means they admire their hard work, their follower base matches their potential customer base and they want to break through that target segment in the market.


Second, an influencer is on Youtube, on social media, on blog sites, podcasts etc. so they can INFLUENCE, test out makeup, give honest reviews, give tutorials; that is what they do. That's what their job is. Without makeup products and brands like these reaching out, they can't do their jobs. 


An influencer has the once in a lifetime chance to make an ENORMOUS living for themselves. The additional income from a product from a brand with their name on it, allows them to keep investing in their art, in their craft, in themselves as entrepreneurs, why would that ever be considered a bad thing?

You don't see brands collaborating with channels with bad reputations, who only are on youtube to rant or gossip or feud with people, you see brands collaborating with genuine people, who truly love makeup and give honest and true reviews.


Just think, which would you trust more: a celebrity endorsement of one product, or a Youtube influencer who reviews all these products for a living? 


Yes it all comes down to trust in the person, but you know me, I'm siding with Laura Lee.


The brand AND the influencer benefit from the arrangement, so what's to hate?


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