Welcome to Vegas! A New Lifestyle

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog! As usual, I'm so happy you're reading this ;) 


It's been a while since I've consistently blogged so it's time to give you all a life update. 

I moved from Virginia to Las Vegas!


Since graduating mid May, I've been focusing a lot on just getting myself settled on this new west coast life, and I have to say, it's absolutely amazing here!


The weather is perfect, there's so much to do AND, I'm finally living with my lover and best friend :) it's been a long journey! 


But there has been something missing, and that's been my blog and Youtube channel. I used to rent a camera and use computers and editing software from my school's innovation space and now, I have none of that. I'm attempting to adjust to my lack of equipment but also attempting to save up some money from my job to replace all that.


My wonderful boyfriend decided it'd be nice for me to have an iMac so my main computer doesn't die on me like it has been lately, and I am SO excited and SO greatful! I get to work on my blog, film a few videos with my iPad and edit without fear, I'M SO EXCITED! Love you babe :)


SO! This all being said, I have not abandoned you my precious blog :) and to all the few of you who follow me, thank you for being so patient! I've missed it all but shall be back at it again now! I'm preparing for a "rebrand" so I hope you all are ready for it ;) *comment down below if you notice the difference!


In the meantime, I'll see you at the pool ;) 



Battleforbeauty <3



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