Ulta vs. Sephora: Which one is Better?

If you asked me this about 3 months ago I would've said Sephora.


But lately I have been noticing... Ulta has been stepping up their game! 


Anyone notice they just got Dose of Colors as a new brand? And you can't forget that just added MAC to their stores! Tarte Shape Tape is exclusive to Ulta? They have drug store?!?


Now let me tell you, I am 100% a VIB Rouge member to Sephora because I get the majority of my makeup from there. 

But lately I keep telling my boyfriend “I need to go to Ulta to pick up something” and he’s like “What...? Not Sephora?


He's always SO used to me wanting to go to Sephora because that's what I've always done! Not going to lie, I've even been surprised that the majority of things I needed lately, have been from Ulta! 


Below I've created my Pro's list for each, let me know in the comments or on my social media what YOU think is better! Also, mention where else you buy makeup if you can find it cheap, I'm always looking for cheaper options!


***side note, I'm not creating a cons list. Because I have zero for each :)



  • Tarte Skin Care (because it's my favorite)
  • Higher end brands
  • Atmosphere seems classier
  • Makeup classes for VIB members
  • Better loyalty program (3 free samples on each purchase and free shipping over $50. Can redeem points for better products. Ulta only gives you occasional $3.50 off when you have 100 points... that's like nothing AND can only be used on "non-prestige" items. aka, drug store stuff)
  • Cleaner (in my opinion from the various Sephora's and Ulta's I've found)
  • Options of stores in J.C Penney


  • DRUG STOREEEE options :) (#1 plus!)
  • They now sell MAC! 
  • Better price point of items
  • Coupons 
  • More options of makeup and skin care brands
  • Hair products and Salon 
  • Nail products (at least way more than Sephora)
  • Makeup organizers, mirrors, and other beauty related items that aren't makeup (I guess at this point I should just say wider variety of products!)


Battleforbeauty <3



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