Urban Decay Releases New Naked Palette, But Do Fans Love It?

Alright guys... what do you think??


Everyone who's worn makeup pretty much has known about the Urban Decay Naked palettes. They were pretty much the first people to come out with a whole palette based on nudes and browns and people went CRAZY for them!


Today they revealed they were adding a the new member to the Naked family and that is the "Naked Heat" palette. The palette will launch at some point in July.


I assumed people would RAVE over this but... some people think it's too little too late.


I think the shades are boring and outdated.
— Comment from the post
I think they’re soooo late on this! Urban decay naked palettes used to be what everyone wanted and talked about. Now, there are so many brands out there making neutral palettes in so many tones, warms, pinks, burgundys, oranges, browns, and tbh so many shadows are way better than UD now that I don’t think this palette will do that well tbh, it’ll be more like a collector’s thing
— Comment from the post


I personally love everything about Urban Decay, but I definitely agree that many brands out there now have their own neutral and brown shadow palettes and it's all getting a bit... repetitive. I have faith these will sell pretty well however.


So what do you think? Will the brand who once got famous for going Naked continue it's beautifully nude image? Or sink along with the other "not so original" brands?


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