Best Drug Store Acne Clearing System

GIRL! Let me tell you...


I used to struggle with acne SO bad, until I came across this miracle treatment, and it only includes 3 things.


Neutrogena is one VERY trusted brand out there in the skin care market and it is by far one of my favorites, solely because it works, and it's affordable! I discovered their Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne product line a little less than a year ago and I have never turned back. 



Let me tell you about the products:



Neutrogena Stubborn Acne Face Wash


This has to be my least favorite of the products, but doesn't mean I don't love it. It feels so soft on the skin and has a bit of a smell that refreshens and open pores. However, it feels a bit like lotion when I put it on. The best combo is with this and a mild exfoliant mixed together. 


Neutrogena Stubborn Acne Daily Leave-On Mask


And this has to by far be my favorite of the products! After about a week of use my skin was free of all acne and kept it that way. I used to get pretty bad cystic acne and ever since I started using this, I haven't had one cyst. Not. ONE. 


I do recommend following the directions because it can be pretty strong when you first start using it (and you MUST use an SPF with it). Your skin might feel tender, burn a bit and in the case of my boyfriend, peel just a tiny bit after the first few uses, but that is normal! Your skin will get used to it and look better than ever. If you've ever used a retinol, the effects can be similar. 


Neutrogena Stubborn Acne Spot Treatment 


If you are looking to get rid of redness on a pimple within an hour and disappear overnight, this one is your guy. Obviously cysts will take a little bit longer, but for regular acne this stuff makes it go away, LITERALLY overnight. Like literally. 


Check out these products for yourself and let me know how you like them in the comments below!



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