5 Summer OUTFIT Essentials You Need to Own

With all these summer fashions coming out, it's a bit hard to keep up with all the latest trends and new releases. However, there are a few outfit pieces that you can get away with no matter what the occasion!


Keep reading to find out 5 outfit pieces you must have in your closet, not only in the summer! But year round as well.


1. Sunglasses


Because, duh. Protect your eyes and look stylish while doing it! 


Sunglasses can easily make you feel like a million bucks on days you're not wearing makeup, so why not get the best of both protection AND beauty? It's a win win!


2. Bodysuits


I'm telling you... I've just discovered the power of a good bodysuit and it's an INSTANT confidence boost!

Not only does it eliminate that awful attempt at tucking in a shirt, but it instantly elevates any look from basic, to fashion forward. They're super comfortable too if you find the right one. 


3. Ripped Jeans/Jean Shorts


Who doesn't love a little air flow when walking in the hot summer heat?


Now, I'm not a fan of jeans or shorts that have more holes than fabric. I think that's quite over the top (unless your Kim K of course). But, ripped jeans are in style! And thank goodness because jeans with holes are much more forgiving on sizes, and are much comfier in my opinion.


4. Simple Jewelry Pieces


Statement jewelry is still some of my faves don't get me wrong, but for summer, we're all about simplicity here.


You don't want chunky bracelets and necklaces getting in the way and making you sweat more. Simple jewelry pieces are chic, and instantly make you think you tried a bit harder on your outfit that day (even though we all know you really didn't)!


5. Sandals or Flip Flops 


Don't look at my shoes in the pics for stylish... lol. I've worn the same pair of rainbows since I was in like high school and I can't give them up. They're the comfiest sandals I've EVER worn and they actually come in my size! 


For reference, I wear a size 12 so everything I get comes from Payless. They have cute sandals I wear to work, but for a day on a strip, you won't find me in anything other than rainbows. I go for comfort over fashion in this category.



Outfit Details


Desi x Quay High Key Fades: http://bit.ly/2tGOujm

Charlotte Russe Bodysuit (not the same, but similar): http://bit.ly/2u6Whrz 

American Eagle Boyfriend Jeans: http://on.ae.com/2u73IPp 

Carli Bybel Charity Bracelets: http://bit.ly/2u7vGYq 

Michael Kors Bag: http://bit.ly/2sOmVlh 

Rainbow Sandals (yes they're mens, I wear a size 12 in womens, lol): http://bit.ly/2t2rvk4





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