MorpheMe Box: August

Desperate to restock my brush collection to better quality and more detailed brushes, I recently took the plunge and signed up for my monthly MorpheMe box! (I mean, it couldn't be worse than my Amazon brushes, right?)


MorpheMe is a monthly makeup brush subscription box from LiveGlam, and for only $20 a month, you get $30+ in Morphe brushes! Here are the brushes I got in my first box!



I love this brush as a more detailed crease brush. It's perfect to place product a little bit lower in your crease after your transition color. The bristles on this frayed quite a bit after the first wash and they also felt pretty rough after too... So I am not impressed with that whatsoever, but it still works the same which I GUESS is ok for a brush that only costs $6?



I actually really liked this brush! I didn't have anything that was good for putting finishing powder over my entire face and this was perfect for that. HOWEVER, the bristles did the same thing, frayed and got rough and the brush did not keep it's shape either after that first wash. I still use it and love it, but for $15 it's a no-go for me.



This one's... interesting. It's not thin enough for powder but also not thick enough for cream, it's sort of in-between. I attempted it for powder contour and it worked well, however I'm still more of a fan of the M437 than this. And yes! The fraying and roughness after washing was the same with these.



This was one I received as a bonus for using someone else's code to sign up! I love this brush so much for smudging shadow on my lower lash line. The bristles were just as soft and stayed their shape after washing as well so I think the M collection is much better quality.


Let's hope my next group of MorpheMe is a little better! I believe the quality of the Rose Gold set overall just isn't as great as other collections. 




battleforbeauty <3 







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