5 Easy Ways to De-Stress


Summer may have been a more relaxing time for most of us, but whether you are headed back to school or coming back from vacation from work, stress is something that tends to follow us all.


Follow these 5 ways to de-stress and take back control over your day.


1. Take a deep breath


As cheesy as it may sound, it works. Take a few minutes each day just to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. It sort of "resets" your body to a more mindful state.


2. Get some sun


It's easy to say that here in Vegas, every day you walk out and it's sunny! If the weather is bad where you are, be patient and wait it out. Make an effort to get as much vitamin D as possible once the sun finally comes out.


3. Exercise


I hate that I'm even mentioning this, but it helps! Even walking for 30 minutes can make a difference in overall mood and stress levels. 


4. Step away from the screen


This is a given. The number one source of stress can sometimes be from our very own phones and staring at a computer for too long. Try to unplug for just an hour and see what kind of difference it makes. Stuck at work where you're surrounded by screens like me? Make an effort when you get home to read a book or magazine instead of binge on Netflix. 


5. Look at pictures of puppies


Because why not? Works every time ;) 




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