How to Keep Your Makeup from Getting Oily

The most common problem in makeup today is the issue of keeping oil from messing up your makeup. At least, that is my problem!

I have extremely oily skin and it seems like after just 2 hours of wearing my makeup, it looks like a hot greasy mess that seems to separate immediately and cakes up when I try to touch up with powder. I've gotten so tired of this that I've been trying everything in the book to make my makeup last all day and prevent that oil from coming through, and I've finally found the solution!


Check out my youtube video down below for a step-by-step way on how to keep your makeup from getting oily throughout the day, and check out a few more tips I have for you down below. Don't worry ladies, we won't let the oil bring us down! 



Hydrate your skin


This is probably the most important part of makeup application. The main cause of oil overproduction is lack of hydration in the skin. Make sure you drink a LOT of water and moisturize your skin prior to makeup application, as well as after you take your makeup off to avoid stripping your skin of the important natural moisture that is needed for oil control. I suggest using a gel moisturizer, as it feels better on the skin and is less likely to clog your pores.


Set your Primer with Powder


I know we all have been taught to NEVER put cream over powders, but trust me, this tip works wonders! Watch the video to find out exactly how to do this, but pressing just a little bit of translucent powder into your skin before foundation application can create just enough of a barrier to keep the oil from piercing through your skin. Just make sure you are using a translucent powder, as powder foundations will 100% make your face cake up and congest your pores even more. 


Apply thin layers of foundation


Most people think, more foundation, more oil control, and that is just not true. No matter how long you are wearing your foundation, if you have oily skin, the oil will come through and get in contact with your foundation, especially after 10 hours of wear at best. If you are wearing tons of layers of foundation, the oil will come in contact and cause more separation of your foundation, causing it to slough off or run down your face. Applying thin layers allows your skin to breathe and will minimize separation and creasing of your foundation. 


Set your cream products right away


Make sure you are constantly setting any kind of foundation, concealer or any other cream product immediately with a translucent powder to lock everything in before oil even has a chance to reach the surface. After each step, it also doesn't hurt to spray a couple pumps of oily controlling setting spray to make sure everything is locked in as well.


Watch the video above to and follow my step-by-step makeup application for ultimate oil control!




battleforbeauty <3