Best Foundations for Oily Skin

If you guys know me, you know that I have the oiliest, of oily skin... which is why I'm on a dedicated mission to tell you guys all the tips, tricks and best products for combating that oily skin! No one likes putting on their makeup and then 2 hours later, it's either wiped off from too much oil or looks like a hot sweaty mess. 


To help you guys out when finding products, I am telling you all the best foundations for oily skin so you don't have to waste your money! Check out my full review on these products from my Youtube video below and we'll go ahead and get started ;)


Best Foundations for Oily Skin



Hourglass Seamless Vanish Stick foundation 


I didn't expect this one to work that well for me because stick foundations don't tend to be full coverage or mattifying, but this one is my absolute, number one favorite! It's super full coverage and is the absolute best at keeping my face matte all day long. 


Milani Conceal and Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation and Concealer 


Not only is this foundation super full coverage, but it is a concealer and foundation in one, so you don't have to worry about a second product for concealer. It is super affordable and keeps me matte for quite some time! I did not expect something from the drug store to work this well to combat my oily skin but it keeps me matte for almost 8 hours before I need a touch up.


Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation 


If you haven't heard about this, then you must be a beginner at makeup! This foundation has been around for many, many years and is definitely an oldie, but a goodie! The finish is extremely matte and not a bit of oil can penetrate the surface of this foundation. This foundation is a bit heavy, but they did just come out with nude, water fresh version of this foundation that is light to medium coverage. It is not as heavy as this foundation, and I have not tried it because their shade range for that foundation is a bit limited now, but I'm assuming if it's anything like the original, it will keep you matte. But again, that is just an assumption, so take that information with a grain of salt.


Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer

This is another foundation + concealer that I love and I did not expect to love it this much. This foundation goes on extremely dewy which made me nervous at first. Once you set the foundation, concealer, contour etc. with powder, it does end up being a demi-matte finish and does not get dewy for another 6-8 hours of wear. It is definitely not as long wearing as the other foundations, but has a a natural, skin like finish that I can't resist!


Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation


This one doesn't stick out to me as much as the others, but it gets the job done. It is a well formulated foundation, with a very matte finish and can last around 10 hours before needing a touch up! It has a very diverse shade range for a drug store foundation and is at a very good price point! There's nothing very special about this foundation; it just works like it should :)


L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation


I fought with this one on trying to find my perfect shade, but once I found a good one, it looked very nice on me! It is more of a demi-matte finish instead of ultra matte (which you would assume, since the name is "pro matte") and it lasts about 6-8 hours before I need to touch up. The foundation fills a tiny bit heavier than some others, but nothing compared to the estee lauder or maybelline fit me matte and poreless. It also has a fantastic price point.



So there you have it! Comment below some of your favorite foundations for oily skin! If you have any other questions or requests for product reviews, please, also let me know as well :) 




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