13 Makeup Brands With Inclusive Foundation Ranges


In light of recent events within the beauty world, I believe it to be extremely important to let all of us women of color know that there are brands that do care about us and our skin tone. As disappointed I was in Tarte for coming out with a foundation so limited to, dare I say it, white people, I wanted to make something good out of it. I know I'm light skin, but that doesn't mean I can't have an opinion myself over brands that aren't catering to women of a darker complexion, so I want to give those brands a shout out for continually being inclusive of all skin tones instead of dwelling on the negative.


If you haven't checked out my makeup tutorial using these brands, definitely check it out below and subscribe to my Youtube channel :) with that being said, let the shout out's begin!




Favorite Inclusive Brands

Luxury Brands


I've noticed that Lancome is rarely spoken about when it comes to their shade ranges, but they have historically catered to women of color. One of their most popular foundations is the Teint Idole Longwear Foundation and it comes in 40 shades. I am in the shade 425 Bisque W. You can find them at both Sephora and Ulta and almost any department store.

Bobbi Brown

I hesitate to talk about Bobbi Brown, simply because I haven't enjoyed their products in the past and, they are extremely expensive. However, they do carry many shades in all of their foundations. Their most recent and most popular foundation is their new Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation. They carry 30 shades and I am in the shade Golden Honey 5.75.

MAC Cosmetics

This is the end all be all for finding your perfect shade. MAC Cosmetics slogan is "All ages, all races, all sexes" so you will always find the shade match you need. Their ultra famous Studio Fix Fluid foundation comes in 42 shades and unfortunately, I cannot tell you my correct shade as the last time I was color matched was probably 6 years ago. If I had to guess, I am an NC40.

Estee Lauder

I was also a bit iffy putting Estee Lauder in because growing up, I don't remember them as being a super inclusive brand. However, Estee Lauder does carry 42 shades in their ever so famous double wear foundation, however a few of their products do have a WHOLE lot less which is a bit disappointing (their new double wear water fresh only comes in 12 shades... like what?). 

They are also one of those big companies that owns multiple brands who do cater to women of color, so I decided to leave them in for that fact.


Mid-Tier Brands

Fenty Beauty

...do I actually have to write about this one? Ri-ri crushed it on the first go with an amazing foundation formula with 40 shades. nuff said. I'm currently the shade 320.

NARS Cosmetics

I know Nars specifically for their complexion products. They have absolutely stunning finishes, stunning formulas and you will never be disappointed in their shade ranges. My favorite foundation of the moment is their Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation and I am in the shade Syracuse. Their radiant creamy concealer is a major hit as well if you're looking to replace your concealer from a brand we will no longer mention... 

Cover FX

Talk about an underrated brand! Cover FX isn't spoken about much, but have you seen their custom enhancer drops? They are ultra-pigmented drops you can add to any foundation to customize your color and finish, so it is definitely worth the purchase. They also carry a variety of highlighters and powder products that are perfect for women of color. 


I cannot say with confidence that Clinique has always been POC inclusive, however they have been in recent years so I have to give credit where it's due! I am obsessed with their beyond perfecting foundation + concealer and it comes in a great variety of shades at an affordable price. 

Sephora Collection

While I'm not too crazy about Sephora's makeup line as a whole, I did do some digging recently and found that they have a few foundation formulas and they all cater to women of color. Although their foundation isn't something that excites me, their bright future concealers are EVERYTHING. They are super creamy and blendable and yes, they come in 24 shades.


Drugstore Brands:


It's sort of the stereotype that drugstore brands are inclusive of all skin tones, but especially in 2017, drugstore has stepped up their game tremendously! Maybelline Fit Me collection has been around for a while, but in 2017 they added a variety of more shades to their Matte and Poreless foundations AND amazing loose setting powders. #1 drugstore brand for inclusion belongs to Maybelline in my book. 

NYX Cosmetics

#2 drugstore brand has to belong to NYX Cosmetics. Their ever so popular Total Control Drop Foundation comes in 30 shades, and they also have multiple other lines of foundation that includes foundation mixers as well for customizing your perfect shade. 

L.A. Girl Cosmetics

This is a special drug store brand I wanted to mention, not only because they are extremely affordable, but because they have done something interesting with their products. I've heard great things about their pro coverage illuminating foundation, and they also offer a completely white foundation, as well as a foundation on the darkest end of the spectrum. This way, you will be able to customize any shade by lightening or darkening any foundation shade you get. They are also only $10 each and $5 for the pro concealers, which makes the extra foundations that much more affordable. 


Black Owned Brands:

***I wanted to include these specifically for my dark skin girls out there who want the most out of their makeup! A few of these companies only make shades for people of color, which is why I listed them separately. I also have not used products from most of these brands long enough to comment on quality or wearability. 


Black Up (now sold at Sephora)

Beauty Bakerie (amazing setting powders)

Black Opal (*have not tried)

Fashion Fair (*have not tried)

IMAN Cosmetics

Black Radiance

Sashe Cosmetics (wasn't sure if I should mention as I'm not familiar with this brand, but check it out if you are looking for more B.O.M.B.!)

I love to hear inputs of multiple people, so if I left out recognition for any brand specifically, please let me know :)


Love you all,


Battleforbeauty <3