Why You Need Essential Oils

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.
— Willie Nelson

2018 has brought it's heap of struggles for me (if I were to start going naming a few, this would be a novel, not a blog!) but lucky for me, with struggle comes strength and I've decided to look at this rough year so far, as a positive thing! For every negative in my life, I have attempted to find at least two positives, and this has sent me on a new wellness journey that has become an integral part of my life.


I decided one day to try out essential oils after this AMAZING facial I had at the Green Valley Ranch Spa and my life has been changed ever since! I decided to invest (if you consider $30 investing) in this pretty compact essential oil's diffuser and top 8 essential oil set from ArtNaturals (on amazon) and I haven't put it down ever since.

*actually, that is a lie. I have put it down, because I now have two more diffusers around my house and many other essential oils I play around with :)


I admit I was skeptical at first knowing that my only true experience with essential oils was from the most relaxing place ever, aka, a spa and facial. However, instead of giving in to skepticism, I thought to myself "why not try anything possible to make myself feel and live better" and the results have been better than I could have ever imagined. Here are just a few reasons why I love my essential oils and why you should consider adding these as a part of your life too:


Why I Love Essential Oils:

There is an oil for EVERYTHING!

If you want to elevate your mood, relax at night, sleep better, increase your energy, fight a cold, purify a room, have natural cleaning supplies, fight mosquitoes, use hair supplements, you name it. For what ever mood, feeling or product you want, there is an oil blend waiting to solve your problems.

They're affordable

Let me admit this real quick, I am bias as I have a working relationship with ArtNaturals after I bought their products from Amazon and they found me through the MANY IG stories I posted about it. I truly love them, not only because their products are BOMB, but they are extremely affordable for the quality of their products. I know someone may say they don't "need" essential oils, which is why they can't justify spending money on it. I totally get it as a girl who's also ballin' on a budget! However, ArtNaturals makes their prices affordable enough for those who truly want to commit to a wellness routine and transform their mood and well-being with essential oils and natural beauty and wellness products.

*plus, they gave me the discount code "Battle20" for you guys to get 20% off your order if you REALLY want to save some cash. (and no, I don't get paid when you use my code. It's truly for my loving and loyal followers) :) 

*also, no this blog is not sponsored! I just really love essential oils.

I live a more positive life 

I have seen noticeable differences in my overall well-being since incorporating essential oils in my life. I went from not being able to sleep at night because of my anxiety to sleeping better than ever with my signature zen blend. I went from feeling too depressed in the morning to get out of bed to springing out of bed at the scent of peppermint. I've been able to relax better when I come home from a stressful day at work with just a few drops of lavender and rosemary. My skin and hair are healthier than ever with a few drops of tea tree.

Like I mentioned above, there's an essential oil for everything, you just have to try it out and see works best for you, but it has truly transformed the way I live my life and I truly hope it can transform yours as well. 


Let me know your thoughts on essential oils below if you have tried them or have thought about trying them! I'll link a few resources below if you want to be more familiar with the specifics about the different oils and uses for each (because there are way too many for me to list right now!) Also let me know if you'd like a video on essential oils because I'm slowly trying to get back into making those too ;) 


Love you all!



Battleforbeauty <3 


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