Easy Smokey Eye Tutorial + Tips


So I have to be honest before we start here... I wasn't going to post this video.

I filmed this so long ago and once I started editing it, I just wasn't in love. I hated the back drop, I'm out of focus for half the video, I talked WAY too much when filming in near made it impossible to edit.

But here we are:

The core of this video still stays the same. I LOVE the way the eye turned out and I believe this will be super helpful for you all. The perfectionist in me didn't want to post it, but the real me said "eff it, you already did the work and haven't posted anything new in 4 months! Just throw it up there!" so there you go.

Here is my easy smokey eye tutorial and I've even included a few more tips for you all down below incase you don't have time to watch this super long tutorial (I promise I'll cut the time down on future tutorials cause I KNOW y'all ain't got time to sit and watch my face for 16 minutes lol)



Do your eyeshadow first

This is critical when it comes to any smokey eye, whether it be black, purple, brown, anything. I used to hate doing my eyeshadow before makeup because it took so much time, but it'll save you a lot of headache and clean up time to do your eye first. This way, you can be as messy as you want when applying shadow and you will always end up with the sharpest eye possible (if that's the look you're going for).


Take the time to blend

An un-blended smokey eye will literally make your eyeshadow go from glam to... "damn, what's on her face." If you can't spend a little extra time for blending, this look is not for you. Smokey eye's take time and patience, so grab a snack and prepare to spend a little more time than normal with your smokey eye


A smokey eye will not look good until the very last minute, so don't fret if you've finished all your shadow and it still looks bad! Once the face, contour and lashes are on, it will all come together. So be patient, blend to perfection and be ready to rock the night out with the new, fierce you ;)