The Only Makeup Brushes You Need


So I know you already went ahead and caught my "the only makeup products you need" video and blog, but I couldn't keep you hanging there! We all know we can't do makeup without our brushes too and I feel like this needed it's own dedicated video!

In this video I'm showing you guys the only makeup brushes you need in your kit in order to complete a full makeup look. I show you guys 12 different brushes so you guys have options to choose from but in reality, there are only 7 brushes you need, so let's dive in!

OH, stay tuned through the end because I included a bonus section of brushes that I personally use on a daily basis as well, but aren't necessarily brushes you need for a full makeup look. PS, they're awesome ;)


Face Brushes

Beautyblender Pro: $20

  • Blending concealer
  • Blending foundation
  • Blending cream products (contour, blush, highlight, etc.)
  • Blending your lifeee...

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki: $25

*best foundation brush I've ever used, use code battle10 for 10% off ;)

  • Blending foundation
  • Blending concealer
  • Blending cream products (contour specifically)

Morphe R14: $10

  • Blending bronzer and/or contour

Sigma Small Contour F05: $22

  • Blending contour and/or bronzer

Morphe R36: $8

  • Distributing powder highlight
  • Blending powder contour

Morphe M105: $5

  • Blending powder blush
  • Blending powder contour

Sigma Spotlight Duster F37: $25

  • Blending powder blush
  • Blending powder contour
  • Blending powder highlight
  • Setting your face with loose or pressed powder
  • Blending body highlight

Detail Brushes


  • Brushing up brows
  • Brushing product out of brows
  • Getting mascara clumps out of your lashes

Sigma E40: $22

  • Blending eyeshadow (transition shades, crease colors, etc.)

Morphe M518: $6

  • Blending eyeshadow (transition shades, crease colors, etc.)
  • *a little bit bigger than the E40 for bigger eyes

Morphe R39: $6

  • Blending eyeshadow (transition shades, crease colors, outer corner colors)
  • *a bit smaller than the E40 and more dense to distribute more pigmented shadows
  • Blending the lower lash line

Morphe M421: $3.50

  • Cutting the crease
  • Packing on pigment to the lid
  • Inner corner highlight
  • Brow bone highlight


Morphe M572: $6

  • Nose contour
  • Nose baking

Sigma P82: $7 (on sale!)

  • Buffing in eye primer

Morphe M578: $4

  • Blending shadows on the lower lash line
  • Bullet brush for precise crease application 


For those of you who came here looking for more information about their warranty:

*All Sigma brushes are hand-crafted which is why they are such great quality and a bit pricier than others! If a brush isn't up to your standards, you can submit a claim for a replacement. All brushes come with a 2-year warranty which is VERY rare in the beauty world.



battleforbeauty <3