The Only Makeup Products You Need | Makeup Essentials


So I've been doing a little thinking...

I wanted to put myself in the shoes of someone who is a beginner in makeup, or, just likes to wear makeup on occasion. So often, beauty influencers forget who their true audience is. It's not people who wear smokey eyes, cut creases and glitter tears every single day (although it would be nice).

Our true audience is YOU. People that are in school, work 9-5, and may not even wear makeup every day but like to wear it on occasion! Many times we think we need to get every single product that a beauty guru uses when in reality, a lot of them are not necessary in order to create a full makeup look; they're just nice extras and add-on's to have.

So I'm breaking it down for you guys! Cut out the extras and check out my video to see exactly which makeup products you ACTUALLY need in your makeup bag to complete a full makeup look. 

Comment below if this was helpful, I'd love to hear your thoughts and what you use for your everyday makeup routine! 

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