The One Life Changing Thing EVERY Woman MUST Do!


So I have to start off this blog by saying... My life has recently been changed and I want to share it with you guys!

Story time!

Victoria's Secret carries one of my favorite perfumes ever which is "Tease". I love the body mist so much and a few weeks ago I was running out, so I decided to venture to Victoria's Secret to buy more.

While I was there I wanted to check out the sports bra's too as they carry some of my favorite and a sales associate came up to help me.

I was speaking with her on what I was looking for as far as a sports bra, not TOO much support, but more than just basic support, and she asked me one question I have never been asked before...

"Have you been fitted for a bra before?"

At that very moment, I was SHOCKED! Out of the many times I've been to Victoria's Secret, I never actually got fitted!

If you are like me, from the time I started wearing bra's I just relied on my mother's advice on what size she thought I was and I literally never thought about it again. I always thought I was a 34B and that was it!

From there, the woman measured me and blew my mind... 

I went from thinking I was a 34B, to actually being a 32D!!

WHAT! Never in my LIFE did I think I was a 32D! I don't even have big boobs! But apparently, you don't need big boobs to be a D.

I instantly looked at the woman like she was a Sephora employee trying to shade match me (no offense, but we women of color have always experienced that one white lady thinking our shade was close to an NC15... Nope!)

Despite my skepticism, I went in the back room, tried on like 15 different bra's and they all had fit like I had never felt before!

I didn't have a cup gap anymore, I could use EVERY hook on the bra, the straps weren't sliding off, and my shirt laid so perfectly I could barely even believe it!

Thank god they were having a buy one get one half off sale otherwise I would've been sad, but I walked out of there with the perfect Body By Victoria Demi Bra and I have never felt better about myself.

You never actually realize the difference a good bra can make until you actually have one. I feel SO much more confident knowing my bra will work with any shirt, I don't even feel my bra during the day and I'd honestly... MUCH rather wear this bra than no bra at all, which is saying something!

SO ladies, do yourself a favor, get rid of the anxiety of some stranger playing with your boobs in a public store (it's not bad at all guys, it's their job lol) and get yourself fitted for the perfect bra because it will drastically change the way you look, feel and go about your day.



PS! Victoria's Secret has this thing called "sister sizes", meaning you actually have more than one size. Here is how you figure it out:

Once you are perfectly measured, in order to find other possible bra sizes you either: *according to Victoria's Secret's page*

  • SISTER SIZE DOWN: One actual size smaller than your current band size AND one letter name larger than your current Cup. For example, I wear a 32D, your Sister Size DOWN would be 30DD.

  • SISTER SIZE UP: One actual size larger than your current band size AND one letter name smaller than your current Cup. For example, I wear a 32D, your Sister Size UP would be 34C.

Here are my perfect measurements for an example:


32D (main size)


***not all of these will work depending on your shape, just make sure you try them on before buying your sister size or refer to Victoria's Secret Sister Size Guide for help. 

Also, I decided to wait and post this until now because Victoria's Secret is having their semi-annual sale starting TODAY! So happy bra shopping and I hope your life is changed as much as mine is ;)



Battleforbeauty <3