Secrets to Sweat Proof Makeup for the Summer

There is nothing worse than going out in full glam, just to come home and realize half your makeup is gone from your face, your mascara is running, your nose contour looks like mud and your are looking like a straight, up, hot, MESS!

No fear, my ultimate, full coverage sweat proof makeup tutorial is here! This makeup lasted me through a 6 hour college volleyball practice, 4 hours of classes, meetings, partying and STILL look bomb by the end of the day. So I wanted to share the love and give you ALL my secrets to sweat proof makeup for the summer.


Prime and Set

These are going to be the 2 most important things when it comes to keeping your makeup sweat proof for the summer heat! You definitely will want to set your primer with a loose powder to ensure the max amount of longevity from your primer. I demonstrate the proper way to do so in my Youtube video above so make sure you check that out. You also will want to set all the liquids that you put on your face, so be diligent and get to setting! Also, don't forget to lock it in with a couple rounds of setting spray at the very end as this will seal the deal for your makeup.

Don't Overdo It on Foundation or Concealer

Many tend to make the mistake of wanting to pack on more and more foundation and concealer thinking it will make it last longer and combat sweat.


The more product on your face, the more potential for it to slough off and move when coming in contact with sweat, so a light layer of foundation and concealer will do the trick for sweat proof makeup (and yes, you can also be full coverage. Light layers does not always mean light coverage, as you can see in my video!)

Time to Bake

Baking is one of the most powerful tools you can use to combat sweat ruining your makeup! You can bake your primer, concealer, foundation, and any other liquid you apply to your face! This may be a bit too drying for those of you with dry skin, but for an oily girl like me, I have no issue. I find the precise baking time for me is only a couple minutes, so if you're new to baking, try it out a few times and see what is best for your skin.


What are some of your sweat proof makeup tips? Let me know in the comments below if you found this helpful or totally agree with my tips!





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