How to Contour Your Nose


It has taken me a while to get this down, but we are snatched and I am ready to share my tips! Many people consider contouring one of the hardest and most intimidating things about makeup, but I am here to tell you it doesn't have to be! Follow these tips and check out my video below to figure out how to contour your nose.

Know Your Nose Shape

This may seem obvious but I always had two dark shadows on the top, bridge of my nose and I never knew why! Turns out, after years of wearing glasses and sunglasses, I actually have dents on the bridge of my nose which causes my darkness and I never would've known if I didn't actually take time to analyze, touch and feel my nose shape. 

Know the Basics of Contour 

Let's state some facts! In order to contour, we need to create shadows. You create shadows using darker colored products like bronzer. In reverse, we also need to create highlights. You do this using brighter colors to bring forward and reflect light.

Define Your Nose

In order to create a solid nose contour, of course we need to define our nose with a cool-toned bronzer! (***make sure it's cool toned, because warm tone's sometimes can look a bit muddy!) The closer the bronzer lines, the slimmer your nose will look.

Bake Your Nose

I love to use a pressed powder in a banana shade to bake the sides of my nose. This will provide an extra brightening effect to give the illusion of a slimmer and more defined nose. A loose powder will work as well if you don't have a pressed powder, but you may need to bake longer.

blend it out

Instead of dusting away your baking powder, you want to go ahead and blend the powder lightly back into your contour lines to blend them out and make them look as natural as possible.

Add some highlight

To add a bit more definition, I like to do something called the exclamation point! You draw a line down the middle of the nose and a dot on the tip. This will give you the best looking nose highlight on there!


Products You Need

Cool Toned Bronzer - Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Pressed Banana Powder - Kat Von D "Lyric"

Highlighter - Maybelline Master Chrome Highlighter "Molten Gold"

Brushes to Use

Morphe M572

Sigma E50 Large Fluff

Morphe 360 Nose Contour Set


Let me know if you found this helpful and tag me in your newly snatched nose!