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Wow has it been a while since I’ve been here!

Hey guys, and thank you for reading this post. Many of you have been asking me where I’ve been, mainly on Youtube since I’ve only uploaded one video the past 2 months, and I wish I had a better excuse than this, but I don’t.

As I woke up this morning with an extra hour of sleep under my belt, I just felt like I had a lot to say after having an extremely tough week… And after hearing Ariana Grande’s new single “thank u, next” which spoke to me in more ways than one!

I only have one month left until I'm 24 and 2 months left of 2018, and I regretfully say that this has been one of the worst years of my life. I'm almost embarrassed to admit it because I thought this was my year to make things the way I wanted them to be, but nothing I had hoped for has panned out so far.

I've been heartbroken multiple times, from people I truly loved and cared for, and from those whom I had only known a short time. I lost a job and a great deal of independence when my independence was the one thing I prided myself on. I've been burnt out many times to the point it would take me weeks to recover, only to end up back at the doctor for experiencing it again. I lost a passion I once loved (more on this later). I almost lost those closest to me. I've been hurt, cheated on, used, under-appreciated and worst of all...

I have no one to blame but myself.

I have learned a great deal because of this, but unfortunately there is one lesson that has been the hardest to comprehend; that I have to rely on myself for happiness instead of other people. I've always tried to be the person to bring joy, happiness and laughter to others lives. I believe this is something just engrained inside me because I have always been this way.

From being the “class clown”, to encouraging my teammates in college, to even in the relationships I have had, I always wanted the other person to be happier than me, which I guess is both my strength, and weakness. It brings me so much happiness to see those closest to me thriving, but it hurts even more to come home and still question what it is that makes me truly happy and what my purpose in life is.

Don’t get me wrong. There have been MANY amazing things to happen to me in 2018 as well, like meeting some of my closest friends and a whole new network of people, to finding a much better job, to taking risks and finding joy in little things etc. I never want to sound ungrateful, but we all know how the tough times tend to rain down a bit harder than the sunshine of the good, which in turn, helps us enjoy the good times that much more.

I regretfully tell you all that the rest of this year and probably beginning of next, I have to take some time off from my Youtube channel to focus on me. I still do, very much so believe that makeup is the best way to bring out a woman’s inner confidence and I will always believe that. I am even remembering as I’m writing this blog now, how much of a stress release blogging can be so I will probably still write a few blogs for you guys on my journey, so we will still be here!

I hope you all have found my Youtube and blog as a sense of peace, joy and hope in your life, or maybe even a little “home away from home” to de-stress, be entertained and feel refreshed! However, I have many difficult things in my life right now that require my full attention, including my health and beginning the journey to finding out my true purpose.

I hate to say it, but I do not love Youtube as much as I once did. It’s difficult to picture a future where Youtube is my full time and that’s not because I don’t want it to be, but I believe I have so many talents elsewhere and things I am passionate about in my professional career that I want to take the leap and keep pursuing. (Am I crazy for wanting to go back to school even though I already have 2 degree’s??)

Am I packing up my filming studio for good? Absolutely not! I still have had urges to get in front of the camera and film some content for you guys. However, it can be a huge source of stress and requires a lot of time that I no longer have due to pursuing other things. I found myself starting to get bitter towards filming and editing and it felt like I was forcing myself to film and I know I cannot deliver quality content to you guys in that type of headspace.

I want to thank you all for continuing to support me even though I have been gone! I am so incredibly thankful to all of you and I can almost guarantee you that I will be back, just not right now. I will be on my social media of course, but Youtube will have to take the back seat for now.

I have a huge challenge ahead of me, as I also regretfully admit the holidays are a time of stress and anxiety for me instead of joy like most people. But, as of today, I am DETERMINED to make the rest of 23 and 2018 my bitch 💪🏽 I am so incredibly thankful for the amazing people I do have by my side and I know I don't show them enough. It's time for me to woman up and take control of my own life because I know I can make a difference and I will NOT stop until I do.

What will that difference be? I have no idea. But both you AND me will see soon and it WILL be incredible ❤️



7 Easy Ways to Be More Productive


Sometimes life can get in the way of us truly being the most productive we need to, but good news! We can instantly change that with just these 7 easy ways to be more productive throughout the day.


Wake Up Early

We're starting off with the hard one here! It may seem cliche, but getting the most out of your day starts with an early wake. If you're not a morning person, no one is telling you to wake up at 5 instead of 7. Try setting your alarm for 15-30 minutes earlier than normal and actually discipline yourself get up. Your body will thank you and you'll have much more time to get your tasks done.

Plan Ahead

Before you go to bed at night, take 5 minutes to set your goals and what you want to accomplish out of the next day so when you wake up, you know exactly what you need to do. Be careful not to plan too much into your calendar though. If you put too many tasks that you know you can't finish, it can overwhelm you and actually be counter-productive. 

Focus on You

Many times we feel that our days revolve around either work or doing things for others, but you are the most important person of your day. Whether it be a few minutes of meditation in the morning, going to your favorite pilates class at night, or watching your favorite tv show at the end of the day, always take time to do something for yourself during the day, and never feel selfish about doing so. 

Give Yourself Breaks

No one can go 100% throughout the entire day. We're just not wired that way as humans. If you have to set an alarm to take a mental break for 5-10 minutes each hour, do so. Take this time to get up from your desk, walk outside, scroll through your Instagram feed or whatever it is to give yourself a mental break. This will help you reset your brain and take on your tasks without feeling like you're missing out or burning out.

Write Down Your Thoughts

Physically. Some people may benefit from jotting down notes in your phone, but I find that if something is on my mind or if I'm easily being distracted by something, writing it down on a note pad helps me get the thought out and I don't focus on it nearly as much.

Reward Yourself

Life is all about appreciating the little things, so if you had a kick-ass day, why not reward yourself with something positive? Plus, if you know you'll get a reward at the end of the day if you achieved your goals, you'll have something to look forward to!

Make it a Routine

Following these steps for only one day may help you be more productive that day, but if you want long-lasting results and an overall productive life, you're going to need to make these a habit, especially the one about putting yourself first! 

You can only form good habits if you are mentally aware of what you are doing, so be conscious of your actions, the way you perceive your tasks, and try to incorporate these positive attributes and thoughts to your overall daily life.


Comment below some of your favorite ways to stay productive throughout the day!


battleforbeauty <3


Costco Shopping Tips: Best Items to Buy


Shopping at Costco can be SUPER overwhelming, so I'm breaking down the exact products that you should get when you're actually going in for the full on commitment of Costco shopping!

These tips are especially great for those of you who either live alone or live with one other person. Costco is a great place for families who use a lot of products, but that doesn't mean us independent ladies and gents can't enjoy the luxuries of shopping in bulk as well!

While you're here, you can check out this extra fun vlog as well for more in-depth shopping1


Tip #1: Know What You Need vs What You Want

Costco can literally be the most tempting place because you can get 100 k-cups for literally $40... but do you need 100 k-cups when you get free coffee at work?

Costco trips for single to 2 person households are amazing because you can stock up on items that you know you will always need, including things like detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, supplements, cooking supplies etc. Buying these items in bulk will give you peace of mind knowing you don't have go constantly restock at your local grocery store on items you use all the time.

Feel like you can treat yourself? Have at it! Just remember, you'll have to find a place to store everything. 

Tip #2: Start A Membership When You're Moving

I took a trip before moving into my new apartment and it made everything a breeze for me. When you're moving, you know you'll need to get household staples. For me, these were new sheets, an air mattress (because friends!), detergent, towels, and other household items you may not think of when you're moving! You can also prioritize what you need better at this time, but even if you're not moving, no worries! Always thought you could use a new set of pots or a fan for your room? They've got it!

Tip #3: Avoid Fresh Food

Sorry guys, I have to say it! Now if you like to eat at home, eat frequently and think it's worth it, go ahead! However, even when I had a roommate, the majority of fresh food spoiled before either of us could even make a dent in what we bought.

To me, it's more worth it to buy fresh food from your local grocery store because it seems to last a bit longer and I would rather pay a dollar or two more for fruit I know I'm going to finish then to waste perfectly good food I bought in bulk.

Tip #4: Never Leave Without Gas!

Because you can get TONS of free samples! Just kidding, not the kind of gas I'm talking about ;) I don't know about you all, but the Costco gas stations around me in Vegas average out to about 30 cents cheaper per gallon to a normal gas station, so even if you don't need a full tank, get some anyway! And get some extra, because 30 cents to me is a lot! 

Tip #5: Shop Online + Know Your Membership

Costco is actually more worth it for me because of the other perks you can get, one of the biggest ones includes my contacts! Let's do some math:

$60 Costco Membership + $180 for a 6 month supply of contacts:  =


I know, it's a lot, BUT. I crunched some numbers and if I ordered my contacts either through my eye care provider, or other online services, I still on MULTIPLE occasions would end up paying close to $300 for a 6 month supply of contacts ONLY. So even with my Costco membership added on top, I still save money on my contacts.

Costco provides so many other services too that I cannot even name, like auto services, grocery delivery, pharmacy, and all those other adult like things, so get to know your membership and take full advantage of it!


Favorite Costco Picks

These are the items that are worth the $60 membership for me. I will pay the membership fee solely because of these items! 

*I will link the ones I can find directly to the Costco website

WOO this one was a doozy! Hope you found this helpful :) if you did leave me a comment and tell me why YOU love Costco or if you're thinking about joining :)



battleforbeauty <3