Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition Shadow Palette Review

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Top notch. I can't go on enough about how great the quality of this palette is to something of higher end. 

The shadows are very pigmented and you don't get any fallout (at least when you use a primer which, you should with EVERY shadow product)



Also top notch! This palette is $22 and for the amount of shadows and highlighters you get I say this is DEFINITELY worth it.

Think about it like this: You may spend $20 for a cheap eyeshadow palette and $10 for a cheap, CHEAP highlight. 

You get all the shadows AND highlights together in this palette for a discount, which saves you a bunch. 

I think the price point is spot on and affordable for anyone who's a makeup enthusiast, as well as someone who is just starting out.



Couldn't be MORE in love with this! (I mean take a look at my blog, you know I love the marble!) It's very sturdy, comes with a cover so the palette doesn't open or break if something is mishandled, and the shadows are easy to get out of the pan.

The shadow pants are a teeeeny bit smaller than I prefer but the same size as the original (which I ran out of pretty fast because I used them everyday) but it's pretty standard for a palette.


Color Range

Pretty fair. There COULD be a few darker shadows, but the darkest one can be perfect for a smokey eye if you build on it. 

I for one am a HUGE fan of the "duo-chrome" innovation and you get 2 of those colors in here and they are absolutely gorgeous.

Are the shadows limiting to only a few looks? Not necessarily, but there could be more of a range.

Am I upset about the color range? Absolutely not, because in MY opinion, this palette gives me everything I need. AND the highlights can double as shimmer shadows because they are so pigmented, so you get a mix of both.


Is it good for all skin tones?

YES! You may hear some people say "oh no they are meant for only fair skin girls!" and I don't agree. When you look at it though, every palette out there works on fair skin because they don't need as much pigment in shadows!

I believe this palette can work on dark skin as well! The shadows are super buildable like I said and with a spritz of fix plus on an eyeshadow brush, you can make even the darkest shade good enough for an eyeliner. 

The highlighters are an obvious that they are perfect for every skin tone as well. I mean come one, just look at them!

This palette literally has everything for every skin tone that you will need and I am proud of Carli for helping create this palette. 


There ya have it! My indepth review :) Comment below on anything else you want to know and don't forget to enter my 



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May Beauty and Skin Care Favorites

So I have a confession to make...

I've always wanted to be one of those Youtubers that had enough new products each month to do a favorites video for. BUT, since I'm just your normal human being, I usually only have one or two new products a month and either they work out or they don't.

But this month I decided to splurge a bit because I ran out of almost everything I had at once, and that led me to do this favorites blog post for you! (because lets be honest.. it's still not that many products)

Here are my 5 favorite products from May!

1. Maybelline Big Shot Mascara

Not gonna lie... I was not expecting this mascara to be SO good but it's currently my new favorite! Not only is it affordable, but it really separates my lashes well and adds in SO much extra volume! I even feel comfortable going out with no false lashes and just this mascara! Huge win in my book

2. Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer

Also not gonna lie with this one... only reason I bought this or even knew about it is because it has been plastered over every influencers channel. AND it was $28 which is a steal for a good foundation on my end! It's medium coverage but it's super buildable so I can go as full coverage as I want with this and it really just looks like skin. It doesn't cake up or settle TOO terribly into the smile lines (every foundation I've ever used has so take that with a grain of salt) and feels super comfortable. 

Please Clinique and Estee Lauder, go cruelty free!!

3. NYX Matte Liquid Eye Liner

I was a bit nervous because I've never used anything other than a felt tip liner, but the brush on this liner has made it SUPER easy to work with! It's SUPER matte, which is perfect because I hate glossy liner, and it was like $6. For reference, my old eyeliner was $20 and I believe this is going to last me way longer than that one!

4. Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition Eye & Highlight Palette 

You guys should know my feeling about this palette by now! I ADORE the shadows in this and the highlighters are even better. You can have your choice of subtle or blinding and there's one for every skin tone (YASSS)! I honestly incorporate these shadows on an everyday basis and I love the range of looks you can create. In all honestly the darkest shade could be a bittt darker, but you can still create a dramatic eye with it, so I'm all pluses right now! 

Stayed tuned to my youtube channel to see a look of this going up Friday AND a giveaway from my Instagram ;) Yes, I love it that much that I want you to have it too! 

5. L'Oreal Revitalift Bright Reveal Brightening Dual Overnight Moisturizer

I had to throw in a skincare product of course! I recently ran out of a night cream I was using and even though I bought it twice... I didn't see much difference with it and I was using it for a while! I just started this one so I haven't seen any results yet but this night moisturizer is SO soft. Like so soft. It's supposed to brighten my skin and "reveal" newer, fresher skin which is perfect because I battle with a few dark spots. Will update you in a month to see if it is changing my skin at all. 


battleforbeauty <3







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