September Beauty and Skin Care Favorites


It's the end of the month which means, I can finally share with you my September beauty and skin care favorites! There were a BUNCH of new releases this September and quite frankly, I couldn't get my hands on all of them, but I definitely grabbed some of the best.


Some of you may wonder why I do this blog post/video every month, and to be honest, it's pretty fun for me to do! I love looking back at the month and seeing how the beauty and skin care game changed for me. More specifically, doing this favorites of the month blog allows me to expand my collection and give you guys insights in to products that are worth buying for your collection. I take these very seriously because I never want to mislead you guys into buying something that isn't good (when sometimes, a lot of people are trying to tell you a product is good when in reality, it's crap!)


So let's cut the chit chat and get right into the favorites! 


Beauty Favorites


Fenty Beauty Soft Filt'r Primer and Foundation


You had to know this one was coming! I did a full review over the Fenty Beauty collection that you can check out here, but out of the collection, these two products were my absolute favorites! The primer has absolutely grown on me. It is a very hydrating foundation which can help with my oily skin, but it keeps my foundations pretty matte throughout the day too, so I switch between this primer and the Hourglass mineral veil primer.


The foundation can speak for itself. It's SO easy to find the perfect match for you, and it literally makes your face look like you have a "soft filter". It is very lightweight, medium coverage and a VERY good price point as well. Again check out my first impressions if you want to see my other opinions on this but it literally is the foundation I wear everyday now (again, sorry Hourglass vanish stick!)


Colourpop x Iluvsarahii Collection (Lip's only)


This collection didn't launch in September but... I just purchased the collection in September and these colors have literally, been the only lip products I've been wearing! The "Curvii" and "951" sets are perfect for my day time natural and full glam looks. "Mamacita" and "Arriba" are perfect for my fall glam looks as well as a classic glam look. The formulas are very comfortable and extremely affordable as well. In my opinion, you can't go wrong with Colourpop! 


House of Lashes: Iconic


You have most likely seen these lashes EVERYWHERE on Youtube! I just started wearing these and I have to say, I LOVE them! I typically would wear my $6 Ardell lashes, but I wanted something more sturdy and longer lasting, and these lashes take the cake. The band is thick (which some people hate, but I need a thick lash band) and the shape is perfect for my eyes.


Skin Care


L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask: Detox and Brighten


The texture of this mask is pretty grainy, which is good for a gently exfoliator on my skin. It doesn't tighten up so much where I can't talk while wearing it, but it tightens just enough for me to comfortably wear it around the house while it does its work. I haven't noticed TOO much a difference in my skin after using it, but it does leave my skin extremely soft and a perfect for makeup application directly after as it isn't too drying.


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask


Miracle product right here! I've always had trouble with dry lips, even more now that we're in Vegas, and this makes my lips soft literally overnight. You just apply it at night and you wake up with baby soft lips. I wish I would wear this all day everyday but, I can't! It just works, and that's the best part about it. 


Origin's Zero Oil Cleanser


I was a bit unsure about this cleanser... I didn't believe a cleanser could actually take away my oil control problem and... it doesn't, but it definitely helps! The days I use this I definitely produce less oil. The cleanser also has mint in it, which wakes up my skin in the morning and leaves me with a matte slate for the day.





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August Beauty and Skin Care Favorites


It's that time again! Check out my favorite beauty and skin care products from the month of August :) OH, and surprise! There is a video to accompany the blog too ;) #imback


Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation 


This foundation is PERFECT for anyone who has oily skin. I have struggled with oily skin and have never found a foundation that will keep my skin matte the entire day, until this one! The only downside of this was that I couldn't find my perfect shade. They have plenty of shades, but I couldn't find one that fit exactly what I needed. Other than that, I will buy this over and over again to find the perfect blend of shades because I haven't put this down since I bought it!


Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder


I have NO idea how this skipped my arsenal all these years! Refer back to my video for the story on how I came across this powder but it leaves my skin pore free and with zero white cast because of the yellow undertones of the product. 


Morphe M105 Brush


I use this primarily for contouring because it is the perfect size for my face and creates the perfect line for my contour! Only down side is that the bristles have been shedding ever since I picked it up :/ (if anyone has sigma recommendations for a similar brush, let me know in the comments!)


Morphe R36 Brush


This brush is also the perfect size for highlighting and places the highlight in all right spots without blowing it all over the place like larger brushes can do! The bristles have gotten quite frayed for me and I've only been using it for a couple weeks, so that is a downside, but nothing worth throwing the brush away over!


Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream


The texture of this cream is so smooth! It has the potential to feel quite heavy, BUT it is a night cream and it's said to hold in moisture all night long. I believe that's true as I wake up with radiant, non-greasy skin. Will give an updated review on how I like it a few months from now :) 


My Camera!!

I forgot to include this in my video BUT, my new camera is the best thing that has happened to me all year as I can now do what I love best, and that is blogging and talking with you guys :) Thank you all SO much for being patient as I've been moving and starting a new journey in life. You will definitely be caught up soon in a chit chat get ready with me video!




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