Costco Shopping Tips: Best Items to Buy


Shopping at Costco can be SUPER overwhelming, so I'm breaking down the exact products that you should get when you're actually going in for the full on commitment of Costco shopping!

These tips are especially great for those of you who either live alone or live with one other person. Costco is a great place for families who use a lot of products, but that doesn't mean us independent ladies and gents can't enjoy the luxuries of shopping in bulk as well!

While you're here, you can check out this extra fun vlog as well for more in-depth shopping1


Tip #1: Know What You Need vs What You Want

Costco can literally be the most tempting place because you can get 100 k-cups for literally $40... but do you need 100 k-cups when you get free coffee at work?

Costco trips for single to 2 person households are amazing because you can stock up on items that you know you will always need, including things like detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, supplements, cooking supplies etc. Buying these items in bulk will give you peace of mind knowing you don't have go constantly restock at your local grocery store on items you use all the time.

Feel like you can treat yourself? Have at it! Just remember, you'll have to find a place to store everything. 

Tip #2: Start A Membership When You're Moving

I took a trip before moving into my new apartment and it made everything a breeze for me. When you're moving, you know you'll need to get household staples. For me, these were new sheets, an air mattress (because friends!), detergent, towels, and other household items you may not think of when you're moving! You can also prioritize what you need better at this time, but even if you're not moving, no worries! Always thought you could use a new set of pots or a fan for your room? They've got it!

Tip #3: Avoid Fresh Food

Sorry guys, I have to say it! Now if you like to eat at home, eat frequently and think it's worth it, go ahead! However, even when I had a roommate, the majority of fresh food spoiled before either of us could even make a dent in what we bought.

To me, it's more worth it to buy fresh food from your local grocery store because it seems to last a bit longer and I would rather pay a dollar or two more for fruit I know I'm going to finish then to waste perfectly good food I bought in bulk.

Tip #4: Never Leave Without Gas!

Because you can get TONS of free samples! Just kidding, not the kind of gas I'm talking about ;) I don't know about you all, but the Costco gas stations around me in Vegas average out to about 30 cents cheaper per gallon to a normal gas station, so even if you don't need a full tank, get some anyway! And get some extra, because 30 cents to me is a lot! 

Tip #5: Shop Online + Know Your Membership

Costco is actually more worth it for me because of the other perks you can get, one of the biggest ones includes my contacts! Let's do some math:

$60 Costco Membership + $180 for a 6 month supply of contacts:  =


I know, it's a lot, BUT. I crunched some numbers and if I ordered my contacts either through my eye care provider, or other online services, I still on MULTIPLE occasions would end up paying close to $300 for a 6 month supply of contacts ONLY. So even with my Costco membership added on top, I still save money on my contacts.

Costco provides so many other services too that I cannot even name, like auto services, grocery delivery, pharmacy, and all those other adult like things, so get to know your membership and take full advantage of it!


Favorite Costco Picks

These are the items that are worth the $60 membership for me. I will pay the membership fee solely because of these items! 

*I will link the ones I can find directly to the Costco website

WOO this one was a doozy! Hope you found this helpful :) if you did leave me a comment and tell me why YOU love Costco or if you're thinking about joining :)



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