Fenty Beauty Honest REVIEW + VIDEO

If you've been on the internet at all this week you know Rihanna has taken the beauty world by STORM with the launch of Fenty Beauty. If you want to know how the launch of this line was like NO other on the market, you can refer to my blog post here, but for now I am going to give you the full review of every single product in the line down below.


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I am a huge fan of this primer! It isn't TOO special, but it feels very nice and hydrating on the skin, it has a faint scent that smells amazing and you get a LOT of product for $32. I wouldn't say it is a necessity out of the line, but if you're ok with spending a little extra cash for a good primer, I think this is a good one to start with 




First things first... we HAVE to address the fact there are 40 shades in this foundation... yes, 40! That alone is incredible and a reason to buy this foundation in itself! Not only that, but the way they are displayed in the Sephora AND online makes it extremely easy to color match yourself. I checked online based on the model, and in stores based on my undertone and I found my perfect color match (for the first time like ever might I add). 

I can't say enough good things about this foundation. In typical foundations you usually get 1 fluid ounce of product (30ml), this foundation has 1.08 fluid ounces (32ml) of product so I already feel like I'm getting a bonus! You definitely get an amazing product for an even MORE amazing price.

This foundation does exactly what it says, it's medium to full coverage (mostly medium), long wearing AND light as air. I barely feel it on my face and it feels so comfortable and very soft. I highly recommend this foundation to anyone who's looking for a natural, skin like finish. I believe the price point is incredible for a foundation of this quality within this mid-level brand. 




I got the trio in Tan and it is perfect for my skin tone. I am a huge fan of the two matte stix as they are super creamy and very blendable. I have sort of a different review for each if you watch my video, but I love them all in different ways. Out of the 3, I like the shimmer skinstick the least... It's a beautiful color and super creamy, however I'm just not a fan of highlight sticks, that is just a personal preference of mine. However if you can get 3 customizable skin stix, I would 100% do that because 2 would be $50 and 3 is $54.


Killawatt Freestyle Highlight : $34


GIRL! These highlights are EVERYTHING! The hottest pick out of them all is definitely the color "Trophy Wife", but there is literally a highlight for every skin tone. That being said, is it worth the $34? I would say the color Trophy Wife yes because it's so unique, any other color however, you may be able to find dupes for cheaper and just as good. I believe highlighters are pretty freaking hard to mess up anyway, so I would opt in for an Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit for around $40 with 6 shades, versus 2 shades for $34. 




While I do admit this lip gloss is nice... I don't think it's worth $18. It's definitely nice quality and looks gorgeous, but it's not something I would go out of my way to spend $18 on. Glosses are also hard to mess up and you can find ones just as pretty on ColourPop.




I don't have strong feelings toward this powder either way... which you would think the opposite since I am all against oily skin! This powder is ok and isn't completely translucent which is nice, however I love my blotterazzi so much that I don't think I will use this that often, especially for $32. I also don't like touching up my makeup with powder so that is another reason I don't see myself completely loving this.







I'm going to lump these all into one because reviewing every individual brush would be TOUGH! From what I tested out, my favorites are the Full-Bodied Foundation Brush and actually the Precision Makeup Sponge! The foundation brush was pretty dense and blended out product pretty evenly, I just wish it were a tad bigger. The sponge actually feels identical to a beauty blender and had a pretty interesting shape! I would definitely try it out if you're looking for a cheaper dupe for a beauty blender.


All the other brushes however, I would not reach for. The highlight brush is a pretty interesting shape but I love for my highlight to be in precise spots and this brush was just too big for me. You can get a better one from Morphe for around $6. All the other brushes were travel friendly which I loved and were VERY soft, but like I said, I don't enjoy touching my face up with powder on the go so I wouldn't necessarily need them. Small brushes are pretty difficult for me as well so I wouldn't buy these either. If you travel a lot and want to touch up with those things however, I do think these brushes are a pretty good deal for you




The only other tools in the line are the blotting papers, which is the only thing out of this line I will tell you not to buy. You can find cheaper ones at the grocery that are a LOT more user friendly. The packaging is fun but it's difficult to get the perfect amount of paper out and to tear it straight and evenly (big pet peeve of mine). If you wanna look chic, have at it, but if you want it to be easy and functional, stick to Walmart brand ones that work just as well. 



Overall... I can't find one horrible thing to say about this line. Every product has something good about it and I'm SO excited to see what she comes out with next! Wait... scratch that... I'm SO excited to enjoy all my products for now :)


What are your opinions on the Fenty Beauty line? Comment down below on what your favorite products are or if you'd like to know more information! Don't forget to check out my blog post on how the launch of this line was very unique... you won't be disappointed and will definitely see this makeup line in a different way than before!




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Rihanna Threw MAJOR Shade at Makeup Brands

Yes yes, we're talking about the revelation that is Fenty Beauty and Rihanna! I just wanted to give you guys the tea on how much shade Rihanna threw at Makeup Brands with the launch of her new beauty line (which, if you've seen my review, is freaking amazing!) 


Keep reading for more shade, literally! 




40 Shades


This is really what I meant when I said she threw shade ;) Not only did Rihanna launch a HUGE makeup brand directly into Sephora, she made sure diversity was of top priority right from the beginning with her foundations. She included not 10, not 20, but 40 shades... 40! If I need to tell you how significant that is, check out any makeup brands website that isn't Mac. It's not typical to have that many shades.


Not only did she make that many shades, she also made her entire line friendly for all skin colors right from the beginning; a trait that hardly any makeup brand does from the beginning. OH! Just a heads up, the majority of the dark skin shades are also now sold out in multiple Sephora stores across the country... So take that to any makeup brand who thinks dark shades won't sell!


Kim K... Who?


Although I love me some Kim K, not many people feel the same way about KKW Beauty. While it's understandable that new makeup brands only want to sell few products in the beginning of the brand stages, it's a bit hard not to compare Rihanna's launch to the KKW Beauty Line (or even Kylie Cosmetics).


Kim K's contour sticks have been closely compared to Rihanna's match stix, which I would say is an honest comparison. There are many more shades in Rihanna's collection, they have more product per stick AND... aren't necessarily cheaper since you have to get Kim K's in a bundle, but if you want to pick and choose exactly what you want, Riri takes the cake with match stix of 3 for $54, versus two contour and highlight sticks (with half the product) and a double ended brush. 


What are influencers..??


With a celebrity like Rihanna, there's clearly no need for influencers to get all the products WEEKS before it actually becomes available to the public. Rihanna hosted a launch party WITH influencers the day before they launch, whom I assume got product that night, but also launched the entire line in Sephora at midnight at Time's Square which shows how much she cares about her consumers.

I know I strive to be an influencer myself, but I also don't find it fair for a whole batch of influencers to get a brand new, limited edition product weeks before it is actually sold, and then for the general public to wait in massive shopping lines online and in stores, just to have them told that it is "sold out" 10 minutes later and we have to wait months more to attempt to get the product again (we all know sold out, doesn't really mean sold out...). And yes, I'm talking to you Morphe with the Jaclyn Hill palette.


I love the fact Rihanna went directly into Sephora (bold move in itself) and that when I finally heard about the launch after my mini social media hiatus, I was able to run down to a Sephora and still find products in stock. Are they extremely popular? Hell yes! But she clearly prepared for the surge of popularity and planned accordingly to make sure we all got the products we wanted. Thank you for that Rihanna! I've never had so much joy walking into a Sephora knowing I still could find these insanely popular products.


If this launch brought anything to the beauty industry, it is the fact that a makeup brand CAN have all shade ranges, CAN provide massive quantities of product based on popularity and still please the consumer and the company. And how can I not mention the most important part... they are AFFORDABLE as well. Love you so much more for this one RiRi!





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