How to Get Ready in Under 10 Minutes!


We all can relate to the panic caused by an alarm not going off or sleeping in too late! 


Instead of sitting their panicking on being late, just follow these basics to get ready in under 10 minutes and look great for the day!


1. Brush your Teeth and Put on Deodorant (2 minutes)


Because, duh. 


2. Cleanse and Moisturize your Face (2 minutes)


Because also, duh. This can be super quick with just cleanser and one moisturizer. Don't go through the day with a dirty face!


3. Got Pressed Powder? (1 minute)


Best way to look put together is to put a layer of pressed power on (after primer of course)! My fave is definitely mac studio fix because of the natural full coverage, so definitely a plus!


4. Quick Contour (30 seconds) 


This is optional of course, but if you want go ahead and sculpt out your cheekbones go for it! It takes nearly no time. 


5. Essentials of Mascara (1 minute)


You already knew this was coming. Mascara is essential for a put together look, and makes you look awake and changes your entire look. Big lashes = big personality = big confidence = everything. SO don't skip this step!


6. Can't go Wrong with Yoga Pants and your Favorite Sweatshirt! (1 minute and 30 seconds)


Comfy and cute, why not? Athleisure is BIG, especially in a college campus. When in doubt, be comfy, sporty and cute!


7. Wallet? Cell phone? Keys? Favorite lip gloss? (no time)


No time at all. Unless you lose them. Then I don't know what your final time will be.


And you're off! As I just finished this blog we finished with 2 minutes to spare. Allow a little leeway time in-between any of these steps. Go ahead and add some lipstick or highlight if you have time too, and you should be good :) 




Battleforbeauty <3







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