How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

The power of makeup is truly incredible! You can instantly transform yourself into your most confident self, and if you feel like you want to make your eyes the center of attention, you can!


Check out my latest video and a few new tips on how to make your eyes look bigger.


How to make your eyes look bigger

Cut Crease

Doing a cut crease eye look is the easiest way to make your eyes look bigger. You can define your crease a bit higher than your natural one in order to make your eye appear larger. Top your lid with a light-colored shimmer shade to bring forward your eye for the illusion to make your eye look larger.

Pick a Wispy Lash

Choosing a lash that has shorter lashes in the inner corner and longer lashes on the end give your eye a wider, longer effect

Nude Liner in the Water Line

Probably the top tip you will hear! Applying a nude liner in the water line of your lower lash line will instantly give a brightening and eye-opening effect. You can see the instant difference in my video above ;)


Comment below if you try any of these tips and they work for you!