NEW! Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection Review


No we do not have Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics just yet... but YES we have another Morphe x Jaclyn Hill collaboration!

In this video I break the entire collaboration for you including the palette details, packaging, price, and a review on the shadows themselves in all 4 palettes!

If you don't have time to watch the video, make time ;) but I also list the main details and my review down below. Check it out!



You can purchase the entire vault for $49 or each individual palette for $15.

Launch: April 14th on




This palette still isn't my absolute favorite from the collection, clearly because I do not normally reach for green shadows. HOWEVER, this palette did perform WAY better than the last palette.

There was absolutely no fall out on my face, but there was a tiny bit of kick back in the pan from the matte shadows, but it was pretty much normal compared to other shadows. Overall, nice palette if you're looking for green tones like these.


A416473E-C412-4967-8E5D-7A8136862C80 2.JPG

You can see how the colors performed with the last palette in my purple smokey eye tutorial, but overall I love this palette! I thought it performed ok with the last batch of palettes, yet this one of course was so much better.

The only complaint I had last time was that vibrant purple shade needed to be built up continuously for the color payoff, however this time around the shadow performed like a dream and was EXTRA pigmented from the get go. Love this!



By far my favorite palette of the collection. Not only is it those everyday, warm tone favorites that we all love, but the colors in this palette are some of the most perfect for all skin tones and for every day use.

This is the palette I chose to use in my latest tutorial and review of the collection, so if you want my thoughts on this one and to see how they actually performed, go ahead and check that out ;)



I wouldn't normally reach for a palette like this but the yellow shadows in these are a dream! It's too bad summer is coming to an end because these colors are perfect for it.

I say I like this one the *second* least, compared to the dark magic palette as I don't see myself reaching for this palette often, but the shadows performed just as well as all the other palette's so if these colors speak to you, feel free to get it!


  • Very cute concept

  • The shadows feel the same as, if not better than the original Jaclyn Hill palette

  • There is close to no fallout in these palettes

  • The color selection is super diverse and very wearable but allows you to be creative as well

  • Packaging is EVERYTHING! Love the mirror, the names under the shadows and the revamped packing from the original. The outside is a glossy finish instead of matte like the original, which means the palette's won't stain on the outside or look dirty

Do you follow me on social? If so, you could have seen my mini reviews and small tutorials on my instagram stories before this blog went live ;) all my handles are listed below!


I have to say... I am still on the fence! The shadows are amazing and the colors are great, however if you compare this to the original Jaclyn Hill palette, the shadows are very similar (of course) so it's really up to you if you believe it is worth it.

The original Jaclyn Hill is $38 and this is $49 for all 4 palettes, so if you already have the original, you may not be benefiting from this unless you are into supporting Jaclyn because she is awesome, you love collecting palettes, or you are truly looking for smaller palettes with mirrors with great quality shadows that you can travel easily with (woo that's a lot!)

Hope you enjoyed! Leave me a comment if you're coming from Youtube!


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Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial | Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection


We're back with another tutorial using the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection!

After I struggled with the first palette I used, I decided to take your guys' suggestion and use the bling boss palette for this second look. I didn't want to take the one dark magic palette as a reflection of the entire collection so I will be using this one on camera, and the other two in my own time (follow my stories @battle4beauty for immediate updates) and giving you all a complete individual review in this blog post right here.


Check out the tutorial and thoughts on this look and bling boss palette! All product details listed below:

MorpheMe Box: August

Desperate to restock my brush collection to better quality and more detailed brushes, I recently took the plunge and signed up for my monthly MorpheMe box! (I mean, it couldn't be worse than my Amazon brushes, right?)


MorpheMe is a monthly makeup brush subscription box from LiveGlam, and for only $20 a month, you get $30+ in Morphe brushes! Here are the brushes I got in my first box!



I love this brush as a more detailed crease brush. It's perfect to place product a little bit lower in your crease after your transition color. The bristles on this frayed quite a bit after the first wash and they also felt pretty rough after too... So I am not impressed with that whatsoever, but it still works the same which I GUESS is ok for a brush that only costs $6?



I actually really liked this brush! I didn't have anything that was good for putting finishing powder over my entire face and this was perfect for that. HOWEVER, the bristles did the same thing, frayed and got rough and the brush did not keep it's shape either after that first wash. I still use it and love it, but for $15 it's a no-go for me.



This one's... interesting. It's not thin enough for powder but also not thick enough for cream, it's sort of in-between. I attempted it for powder contour and it worked well, however I'm still more of a fan of the M437 than this. And yes! The fraying and roughness after washing was the same with these.



This was one I received as a bonus for using someone else's code to sign up! I love this brush so much for smudging shadow on my lower lash line. The bristles were just as soft and stayed their shape after washing as well so I think the M collection is much better quality.


Let's hope my next group of MorpheMe is a little better! I believe the quality of the Rose Gold set overall just isn't as great as other collections. 




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July Beauty and Skin Care Favorites

Here they are! *Pictures at the end. Comment below you favorites from July :) 


Quay Australia x Desi High Keys: Fades

Now I know they aren't beauty related but they sure make me feel beautiful! These are hands down the best pair of sunglasses I've ever owned. When the next paycheck comes around you know I'm about to be buying more colors!


L'Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise

I will have a first impressions up of this mascara soon but just a heads up... it's perfect ;) 


Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe

I mean really, is this not EVERYONE'S favorite from the past month? There's nothing more to be said about this palette except the quality is amazing, the color range is fantastic and the name behind the palette is even more fabulous. Props to you Jaclyn for this nearly perfect palette!


Mally Poreless Perfection Skin Finisher

This is actually something I've had in my arsenal for a while but never really reached for... I wasn't quite sure what this product was for, however I ran out of setting powder lately and replaced it with this and HOLY BAJESUS is it flawless! When it says poreless, it really means, PORELESS! I use this to set my concealer and it works like a charm, however once I see the flawless skin finish it gives me, I quickly dust this to set my entire face at the end of my makeup and it makes my entire skin look airbrushed and poreless. This is a pretty pricey product, however it is worth it! I believe my mom originally purchased this for me on QVC so it probably came with a set of Mally products too.


Lilly Lashes "Miami"

The one thing I love most about these lashes are for SURE the volume. The are super in your face which is kinda me when it comes to lashes, so the drama is perfect for my every day look ;) however, if you have smaller eyes, I don't believe these will work for you because they are big. 

Use code "LILLYHB15" for 15% off your purchase of these lashes!


I currently do not have any new skin care favorites. All of my currents are quite perfect for me :) 




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COUPON CODES: enter "Ashley10" for 10% off your purchase enter "NewShades" for 10% off your purchase enter "battle4beauty" for $20 off your purchase!