My Favorite Natural Skin Care Brands

Some people may not think that natural skin care is important, but I believe natural skin care is a necessity. I feel so much better putting products on my face knowing there are less ingredients to mess with the balance of my natural skin.


Do I think we all need to go vegan and straight out of the earth for skin care? Absolutely not! It gets pretty intense and very pricey. Do I think we should strive for organic, pure ingredients that are also cruelty free? Absolutely.


Here are the 6 natural skin care brands I love and include in my skin care regimen daily!




This is a brand I stand behind 100%! Their products are not only natural but feel amazing on the skin as well. Their Gin-Zing line of products all are very refreshing and all of their masks I've adored so far. 




This is a relatively new brand, and also relatively pricey, but they market their products as being the purest of ingredients all while black listing over 2000 harmful ingredients that are typically allowed in standard skin care manufacturing. I have not been able to get my hands on their products just yet, but I am eager to try their 100% Squalane oil.




You all know how I feel about Tarte! They're not only my favorite makeup brand, but they are also my favorite skin care brand. My current routine includes their rainforest of the sea cleanser, under eye brightening cream, maracuja oil and sometimes the 4 in 1 spray. I love how clean their products feel as well as the wide selection of products to choose from. This is one brand that can definitely do both makeup and skin care, BOTH very well. 




I thoroughly enjoy any mask made by boscia. I turn to their brand mainly for the exfoliating products they have because they are extremely high quality and make my face feel so smooth soft and supple!


What are your favorite natural skin care brands and products?




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