MakeupShayla x ColourPop Collaboration Review + Makeup Tutorial


If you follow literally any beauty influencer on Instagram or Youtube, I know you've seen this palette and I also know you've seen oodles of positive reviews about it (for good reason)


SO I know I titled this as an entire collaboration review, but I only ended up getting the perception palette because, money!...  lol ya girl is ballin on a budget so check out my thoughts on the entire palette below, or you could just watch my tutorial ;) here ya go!


Hot Fire Makeup Tutorial | MakeupShayla x ColourPop



MakeupShayla x ColourPop Perception Palette



Gorgeous. It feels like a very high quality palette, and it has a MIRROR which is probably why it feels so high quality. The uni-carton is super smooth matte feeling as well as the palette itself so that is a big plus.

But we're really here for the shadows, so let's dive in!



Amazing. The colors are SUPER pigmented and you can get everything from your everyday look to a creative and bold look with this palette. Because they are super pigmented, you may have to blend a little bit more than you want, but take your time because it's worth it!


So here's the deal! Colourpop is known for being pretty affordable and for this palette you get 16 eyeshadows with high quality packaging and a mirror, all for $23. Now, I can't look into your wallets, so I will not tell you whether or not it's worth it specifically for the price, so I'll have to leave that up to you.


Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment if you liked the video and have bought anything from the Shayla x ColourPop collaboration!




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