My Favorite Natural Skin Care Brands

Some people may not think that natural skin care is important, but I believe natural skin care is a necessity. I feel so much better putting products on my face knowing there are less ingredients to mess with the balance of my natural skin.


Do I think we all need to go vegan and straight out of the earth for skin care? Absolutely not! It gets pretty intense and very pricey. Do I think we should strive for organic, pure ingredients that are also cruelty free? Absolutely.


Here are the 6 natural skin care brands I love and include in my skin care regimen daily!




This is a brand I stand behind 100%! Their products are not only natural but feel amazing on the skin as well. Their Gin-Zing line of products all are very refreshing and all of their masks I've adored so far. 




This is a relatively new brand, and also relatively pricey, but they market their products as being the purest of ingredients all while black listing over 2000 harmful ingredients that are typically allowed in standard skin care manufacturing. I have not been able to get my hands on their products just yet, but I am eager to try their 100% Squalane oil.




You all know how I feel about Tarte! They're not only my favorite makeup brand, but they are also my favorite skin care brand. My current routine includes their rainforest of the sea cleanser, under eye brightening cream, maracuja oil and sometimes the 4 in 1 spray. I love how clean their products feel as well as the wide selection of products to choose from. This is one brand that can definitely do both makeup and skin care, BOTH very well. 




I thoroughly enjoy any mask made by boscia. I turn to their brand mainly for the exfoliating products they have because they are extremely high quality and make my face feel so smooth soft and supple!


What are your favorite natural skin care brands and products?




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Tarte Cosmetics Makeup and Skin Care Haul

As you may know (or probably should know by now) I might have a slight obsession with Tarte Cosmetics....




Just kidding, I have a HUGE obsession with Tarte Cosmetics and they're products just seem to be getting better and better! They recently had a sale on their website (but let's be honest, they always have some kind of amazing sale) and I just had to take advantage of it!


Check out a few (many) of the products I picked up from their online store :)




Shape tape


I mean come on... it's shape tape. It speaks for itself.


the sculptor slenderizing stick


Most natural contouring stick that gives you a flawless skin finish that's easy and creamy to blend. See why I love this more in my June Favorites blog.


Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara


So far this mascara is ok... but it'll be difficult to keep me away from my Maybelline big shot but I'll give it a couple more chances. It does give me some pretty good volume with a couple layers. 


Amazonian clay 12 hours blush in fiesty (rose)


It's a bit difficult to get out of the pan (which I've found with most of the amazonian clay products), but along with all the other amazonian clay products, once it does it looks super natural and blends pretty easy. This blush is not too pigmented, which is perfect because I hate pigmented blushes. There's nothing worse than picking up some pink and never being able to blend it off your cheeks.


color splash hydrating lipstick in island life (rosy mauve)


...not a fan. Just not a fan. It is creamy and hydrated, but I prefer lipsticks that are kiss proof and this color just doesn't work for me.


Skin Care


Rainforest of the Sea Deep dive cleansing gel


I have bought this a grand total of FOUR times now... Yes, 4! It just feels so good on the skin, cleanses everything and is perfect when mixed with an exfoliant. Not really much more good I can say about it. 


Rainforest of the Sea marine boosting mist


I don't need this during the day (because oily skin), so I use this before applying moisturizer for extra hydration and it works. Smells pretty good too!


Maracuja Oil


Ride or die product. No further explanation for this!


Pack your bags 911 Under eye rescue patches


This is my first time using these patches and they feel good! I don't have problems with under eye bags but it's the perfect refresher after a long hot day in Vegas.


Is it helping reduce puffiness and brighten? I have no idea. But, will I rebuy them?






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COUPON CODES: enter "Ashley10" for 10% off your purchase enter "NewShades" for 10% off your purchase enter "battle4beauty" for $20 off your purchase!