My Favorite Natural Skin Care Brands

Some people may not think that natural skin care is important, but I believe natural skin care is a necessity. I feel so much better putting products on my face knowing there are less ingredients to mess with the balance of my natural skin.


Do I think we all need to go vegan and straight out of the earth for skin care? Absolutely not! It gets pretty intense and very pricey. Do I think we should strive for organic, pure ingredients that are also cruelty free? Absolutely.


Here are the 6 natural skin care brands I love and include in my skin care regimen daily!




This is a brand I stand behind 100%! Their products are not only natural but feel amazing on the skin as well. Their Gin-Zing line of products all are very refreshing and all of their masks I've adored so far. 




This is a relatively new brand, and also relatively pricey, but they market their products as being the purest of ingredients all while black listing over 2000 harmful ingredients that are typically allowed in standard skin care manufacturing. I have not been able to get my hands on their products just yet, but I am eager to try their 100% Squalane oil.




You all know how I feel about Tarte! They're not only my favorite makeup brand, but they are also my favorite skin care brand. My current routine includes their rainforest of the sea cleanser, under eye brightening cream, maracuja oil and sometimes the 4 in 1 spray. I love how clean their products feel as well as the wide selection of products to choose from. This is one brand that can definitely do both makeup and skin care, BOTH very well. 




I thoroughly enjoy any mask made by boscia. I turn to their brand mainly for the exfoliating products they have because they are extremely high quality and make my face feel so smooth soft and supple!


What are your favorite natural skin care brands and products?




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June Beauty and Skin Care Favorites

A little late, but here they are! (and no, this isn't a Tarte Haul, they're just my favorite brand ;) )


Tarte Shape Tape


I know I'm extremely late to the party on this one, but I just couldn't give up my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer!


Until.... it because too light for my skin. I had a bit of a tan now and I wanted to try a cheaper concealer, so I went for shape tape because everyone has raved about it, and rightfully so.


It gives the ultimate full coverage, blends out flawlessly with a beauty blender and a little goes a very long way! I won't be giving this up for a while!


Tarte the Sculptor Face Slenderizer 


Yes, another Tarte product! I actually had this for a while but the color I had was way too light. In addition, my skin is pretty patchy so it's hard to blend out any cream on top of my foundation already.


BUT! Everyone saw the KKW contour coming out and I wanted to get it but it sold out so quick... SO I went to find this again on Tarte and they (conveniently) had a sale so I got this for $10 ($38 less than KKW) and I have fallen in love! 


It's so creamy, blends out perfectly and they have an option for pretty much every skin tone. They even sell these with dual ended highlighters if you want that option. I had that as my first product and the highlight was "ok"... not as creamy as the contour but still pretty. So if you're looking for a cheaper option for the KKW, this is your product.


Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray


Everyone raves about the all-nighter setting spray, which I admit is pretty good. However, I love this one SO much more because it actually, REALLY does a great job at controlling oil (no gimmicks)


I "double-set" my makeup look so I can get ultimate oil control: once after the face is finished, and once after my entire makeup look is done. I believe this gives me about an extra 3 hours of lasting power before my makeup decides to creep in, which is so worth it.


Benefit Moisturizer


Yay skin care! I needed something with SPF and this was the one thing I knew of and wanted to try. It feels so great on the skin, non greasy, smells amazing and has SPF 15 so I can use this in the Vegas heat! It is a bit pricey for a moisturizer in my opinion, but the packaging is so cute and you're paying for the Benefit quality and name!


What are some of your favorites from June? (and if you say the jaclyn hill palette, I will be very upset... currently waiting for that restock...)




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3 Essential Summer Skin Care Products

We all know summer is nearly the most important season to pay extra attention to skin care, so since it's finally here... why not load up on some good products?

Here are my top 3 essential skin care products for the summer. *pics at the end!


**to be fair, I want to give you a description of what my skin is like so you can judge each product based on your needs




Oily on cheeks and T-zone

Dry around smile lines

Mild texture around cheek bone area

Typically worsens around that time of the month

Enlarged pores around nose and fullest part of cheeks

Mild acne

2 or 3 bad pimples every now and then, never more than that

Tans easy, never been burnt

Like... I'm outside for 10 minutes and I turn darker than night

Mild acne scarring

Since I don't get much acne, I don't have many scars CURRENTLY, but have battled them in the past


So now that my skin profile is out of the way, let's get into my essential products!


Tarte Maracuja Oil

Add this to your skin routine for deep hydration around extra dry skin. This oil is not greasy or heavy and is the perfect face oil to either hydrate your skin overnight or wear under makeup for extra glowy skin.


This worked SO perfect for me when I had dry skin in the brutal winter, so applying this concept to dry skin in the summer just seems right!


Benefit Triple Performing Face Moisturizer


This by far is my favorite face moisturizer for the summer solely because of the SPF 15 included in the formula! I wear this on the days I know I'm going to be outside a little bit more or my skin is going through a rough patch. This can also double as a primer for your makeup if you know you're not going to be taking pictures (because yes, it has a white texture because of the SPF and WILL flashback!)



Fresh rose face mask


Of COURSE this is perfect for deep hydration (are you sensing a theme?) but this feels soooo soothing on the skin, especially after a long day outside in the sun and heat. It's super cooling, smells amazing and can calm any redness or hot spots on your face. This is great as a morning awakening mask as well.



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5 Summer Skin Care Tips

It's officially the first day of Summer! (or if you're in Vegas like me, it's BEEN here, aka 116 degrees today...)


This comes with great weather but also some potential danger for our skin, and I'm not just talking about sunburn!


Dark spots, wrinkles, dryness; all of these things can be results of increased sun exposure and high heat. 


Follow these few steps to help protect your skin from the harsh summer weather!


1. Hydrate!

Moisture starts from within! Since most of us won't be able to drink a gallon a day which is recommended (yeah, that's a lot of water), try to just keep a water bottle by your side at all times.

Hydration also occurs with your moisturizer. Start using an "intense nourishing" moisturizer at night. Grab a sheet mask or two that hydrates skin for additional night moisture, and relaxation!


2. Sunscreen

Let's go ahead and get this one out of the way. Even if you won't be exposed to the sun for very long periods of time, sunscreen is important!

Since I don't enjoy having a white tint on my face, I typically choose to use a day moisturizer with SPF, in addition to foundation with SPF! Double duty coverage to ensure safe skin!


3. Sunglasses

These are actually more important than you think! Protecting your eyes from the sun, protects you from those nasty crows feet! Since you don't typically put moisturizers and sunscreen around your eyes, they need a little extra protection. 


4. Exfoliate

None of your deep hydrating moisturizers, toners or masks can penetrate your skin barrier if there are dead skin cells blocking entry. Gently exfoliate your skin 1 or 2 times a week to ensure fresh and clean skin prepped and ready for moisture!


5. moisturize

Maracuja oil is BY FAR my go to product in my daily routine, but is extremely important in the summer. I have combination skin and it is super dry around the smile lines. Applying the oil ensures deeper hydration in my skin.

I put a bit of this over my entire face after a day out on the strip or sitting by the pool to make sure my skin isn't overly dry! 



Want to know some of my favorite skin care products for the summer? Stay tuned this week for more summer blogs ;)




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