Vegas Hot Spots: Matcha House Tea and Sweets


I'm back with another hot spot! Not sure how many of these I'll keep doing, but I thought this deserved a shout-out ;)


I always try to avoid getting excess Starbucks or spending money on fancy drinks, but let's face it, it has never worked out. I LOVE me some fancy drinks, so much that my fridge consists of more liquids than actual food!


I recently ventured to Matcha House Tea and Sweets, a brand new hot spot down in Henderson, NV and they instantly had me hooked! Here are some details if you're looking for a savory spot with the trendiest drinks:


What is it?

Matcha House is a place that sells, well, Matcha drinks! Not only that, but they do sell Matcha based desserts, sweets and a few snacks on their menu too. If you're not familiar with Matcha, you should be. It is all the rage these days! It's basically powdered green tea leaves that you can put on top of drinks, in drinks, etc. People say that Matcha can give you 3 times more caffeine than regular green tea because instead of infusing the tea in water, you are actually consuming the tea leaf itself. I definitely believe the caffeine part, considering I got this drink at 5pm one time and couldn't fall asleep at 3 am... #mistakes. Here is an article that will tell you more on Matcha if you want to know specifics. 

What Do I Get?

I'll be honest guys, I've only gotten one drink at this place because I simply can't get enough of it! I get the Imperial Matcha Tea with Tiramisu Mousse sweetened at 75%. Sounds complicated, right? That's what I thought, but it's essential an iced green tea with the most delicious, creamy mousse mixture on top that sinks down into your drinks for the perfect blend of hearty and happy! (you can get different levels of sweetness to your tea, and 75% instead of 100% sweetness makes me feel a LITTLE bit better). 

How's the Price?

Not going to lie to you guys, it's pretty steep. The tea I get is the most expensive on the menu, and added with the mousse on top, my order comes out to $7.58. Now to me, that sounds like a lot, especially because a cheeseburger and fries from In-n-out is $4.65! But I would say it's definitely fair for the ingredients (Matcha is pretty pricey) and the size of your drink (which is slightly around or even larger than the size of a trenta from Starbucks). Is it an everyday go-to however? No. 

Why Do I Love It?

I love this place for 3 simple reasons. It's delicious, it's fun and pretty healthy too (depending on what you get of course). Since this is a local place and not a chain, I failed to find any nutrition facts for the menu, however Matcha delivers a generous amount of caffeine and health benefits that you can justify almost any of their Matcha drinks to be good for you. 

As for the desserts? They're probably not healthy, but this place is literally meant for serving a crazy new style of drinks and desserts that are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and just generally, happy. I'm all about places who's products are purely meant for enjoyment, and there is always groups of friends there just hanging out and enjoying what they have to offer, so I say the deal is pretty sweet.


Overall, is this place a necessity? No. But one Tiramisu Matcha later, and you'll sure be craving it for a long time coming! I appreciate the creativity of this business, the cleanliness of the spot, and the quality of the drinks and I love to treat myself with something that is not only semi good for me, but delicious and trendy too ;)


If you don't believe the hype, just check out the Yelp review here. But to all my locals (comment below if you actually live in Vegas and are reading this!) you definitely should try it out and invite me along with you ;)



battleforbeauty <3 


Rihanna Threw MAJOR Shade at Makeup Brands

Yes yes, we're talking about the revelation that is Fenty Beauty and Rihanna! I just wanted to give you guys the tea on how much shade Rihanna threw at Makeup Brands with the launch of her new beauty line (which, if you've seen my review, is freaking amazing!) 


Keep reading for more shade, literally! 




40 Shades


This is really what I meant when I said she threw shade ;) Not only did Rihanna launch a HUGE makeup brand directly into Sephora, she made sure diversity was of top priority right from the beginning with her foundations. She included not 10, not 20, but 40 shades... 40! If I need to tell you how significant that is, check out any makeup brands website that isn't Mac. It's not typical to have that many shades.


Not only did she make that many shades, she also made her entire line friendly for all skin colors right from the beginning; a trait that hardly any makeup brand does from the beginning. OH! Just a heads up, the majority of the dark skin shades are also now sold out in multiple Sephora stores across the country... So take that to any makeup brand who thinks dark shades won't sell!


Kim K... Who?


Although I love me some Kim K, not many people feel the same way about KKW Beauty. While it's understandable that new makeup brands only want to sell few products in the beginning of the brand stages, it's a bit hard not to compare Rihanna's launch to the KKW Beauty Line (or even Kylie Cosmetics).


Kim K's contour sticks have been closely compared to Rihanna's match stix, which I would say is an honest comparison. There are many more shades in Rihanna's collection, they have more product per stick AND... aren't necessarily cheaper since you have to get Kim K's in a bundle, but if you want to pick and choose exactly what you want, Riri takes the cake with match stix of 3 for $54, versus two contour and highlight sticks (with half the product) and a double ended brush. 


What are influencers..??


With a celebrity like Rihanna, there's clearly no need for influencers to get all the products WEEKS before it actually becomes available to the public. Rihanna hosted a launch party WITH influencers the day before they launch, whom I assume got product that night, but also launched the entire line in Sephora at midnight at Time's Square which shows how much she cares about her consumers.

I know I strive to be an influencer myself, but I also don't find it fair for a whole batch of influencers to get a brand new, limited edition product weeks before it is actually sold, and then for the general public to wait in massive shopping lines online and in stores, just to have them told that it is "sold out" 10 minutes later and we have to wait months more to attempt to get the product again (we all know sold out, doesn't really mean sold out...). And yes, I'm talking to you Morphe with the Jaclyn Hill palette.


I love the fact Rihanna went directly into Sephora (bold move in itself) and that when I finally heard about the launch after my mini social media hiatus, I was able to run down to a Sephora and still find products in stock. Are they extremely popular? Hell yes! But she clearly prepared for the surge of popularity and planned accordingly to make sure we all got the products we wanted. Thank you for that Rihanna! I've never had so much joy walking into a Sephora knowing I still could find these insanely popular products.


If this launch brought anything to the beauty industry, it is the fact that a makeup brand CAN have all shade ranges, CAN provide massive quantities of product based on popularity and still please the consumer and the company. And how can I not mention the most important part... they are AFFORDABLE as well. Love you so much more for this one RiRi!





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