How to Be a Bridesmaid: 10 Essential Tips

Wedding season is in full force, which means there's a lot of brides, but even more bridesmaids!


This past April I conquered my duty as a first time bridesmaid and it was SO fun, but also didn't come with ease! (pictures at the end!)


If you find yourself becoming a bridesmaid soon (or think you will be in the future), take a good look at these 10 tips to make the ride a whole lot easier for both you and your bride!



Before the wedding...



Be Prepared for a Financial Commitment


Being a bridesmaid doesn't come free. You might have to pay for your own dress, makeup, hair styling, food, hotel room, pitch in for the bachelorette, gas and travel, etc. So be sure you are ready to drop some cash before saying yes.


Stay in contact


Don't go a month without talking to your bride or fellow bridesmaids before the wedding. Planning can be stressful for the bride so make sure she knows you're willing to help with her planning needs! Also get a group me going with your fellow bridesmaids so you can get the small details of the bachelorette party and wedding done well before the date arrives!


Nyx the heels.. or make sure they're comfortable!


Everyone in our party but me wore heels (I would be towering at 6'5 if I did that!), but made sure they were comfortable! When planning what you are wearing for the big day, make sure they are broken in and comfortable because YOU, more than anyone else will be running around like crazy when the wedding day actually comes, between pre-wedding, pictures, reception, everything! 



the wedding weekend...



Be Early For Everything!


This doesn't JUST include events, but also with tasks you need to do! The day of the walk-through and rehearsal dinner I had to go pick up some booze, a pair of shoes, AND the veil last minute and of COURSE, I hit a bunch of traffic when getting there and coming back. I had my makeup done at 11 that morning when the walk-through started at 4, which was perfect because I would've been late, AND lookin busted if I didn't!

Have to have your hair and makeup done by 1? Get it done by 10. Need to pick up some booze for the big day? Have it the day before. You never know what last minute errand your bride might have you running, so it's better to be ready early than rushing last minute!


Ask Other Bridesmaids, Before the Bride!


She's got her own things to deal with! If you got a question on the wedding day, ask a fellow bridesmaid, and if no one else knows, thats when you ask the bride.


contact the groomsmen


This may seem weird, but being in contact with the groomsmen can help avoid a LOT of confusion or an unwanted run in pre-wedding. Most likely, you'll know some of them and already have their numbers, but if not, try to get a few of their numbers at the run through or rehearsal dinner!


Wrap your tissues around the bouquet!


This was a GENIUS trick one of my fellow bridesmaids came up with! You of course need to have tissues while you're up on the alter, not just for yourself, but also for the bride (maid of honor, have extra!) We ended up getting handkerchiefs which were perfect because they are thicker than tissues and could be wrapped around our bouquets and no one would ever see them! I suggest going the handkerchief route because regular tissues would soak up the water from the bouquet and be non-effective. Remember this in pre-wedding planning and mention to the bride if necessary!


Have Patience


This is CRITICAL because things may not always run perfectly on a wedding day, so you need to be the source of patience and a calming presence to make sure the bride doesn't stress or freak out (anymore than she already is!). Keep the complaining to a minimum and away from the bride because she doesn't need those negative vibes!


Think about the bride before yourself


If you find yourself being more worried about what your makeup looks like, or what you look like in pictures over the bride, you're doing something wrong! Always make sure your bride is taken care of before anything, whether it be touching up her makeup, making her shoes feel comfortable, getting dressed or changed, whatever! She's the center of attention for the day and you have "maid" in your title for a reason :) 


have fun!


Weddings are meant to be fun! Once all is said and done, she's married and you're celebrating at the reception, don't be afraid to let loose! Enjoy yourself and eat as much cake as you want, because everything will be SO much better if you are enjoying it and happy as well :)


Good luck bridesmaids!












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Want to see how I did my makeup? Check out the video and photos below





5 Summer Skin Care Tips

It's officially the first day of Summer! (or if you're in Vegas like me, it's BEEN here, aka 116 degrees today...)


This comes with great weather but also some potential danger for our skin, and I'm not just talking about sunburn!


Dark spots, wrinkles, dryness; all of these things can be results of increased sun exposure and high heat. 


Follow these few steps to help protect your skin from the harsh summer weather!


1. Hydrate!

Moisture starts from within! Since most of us won't be able to drink a gallon a day which is recommended (yeah, that's a lot of water), try to just keep a water bottle by your side at all times.

Hydration also occurs with your moisturizer. Start using an "intense nourishing" moisturizer at night. Grab a sheet mask or two that hydrates skin for additional night moisture, and relaxation!


2. Sunscreen

Let's go ahead and get this one out of the way. Even if you won't be exposed to the sun for very long periods of time, sunscreen is important!

Since I don't enjoy having a white tint on my face, I typically choose to use a day moisturizer with SPF, in addition to foundation with SPF! Double duty coverage to ensure safe skin!


3. Sunglasses

These are actually more important than you think! Protecting your eyes from the sun, protects you from those nasty crows feet! Since you don't typically put moisturizers and sunscreen around your eyes, they need a little extra protection. 


4. Exfoliate

None of your deep hydrating moisturizers, toners or masks can penetrate your skin barrier if there are dead skin cells blocking entry. Gently exfoliate your skin 1 or 2 times a week to ensure fresh and clean skin prepped and ready for moisture!


5. moisturize

Maracuja oil is BY FAR my go to product in my daily routine, but is extremely important in the summer. I have combination skin and it is super dry around the smile lines. Applying the oil ensures deeper hydration in my skin.

I put a bit of this over my entire face after a day out on the strip or sitting by the pool to make sure my skin isn't overly dry! 



Want to know some of my favorite skin care products for the summer? Stay tuned this week for more summer blogs ;)




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