My Unconventional Weight Loss Story


Dropping these 20 pounds definitely wasn't what I was expecting!


As I'm slowly getting back into the swing of making videos and writing blogs again, I have to let you all know I haven't been missing for the past 5 months because I lost my passion. I took the past 5 months to focus on me, and one of the biggest things was building my confidence in myself and my body again.

I had lost a significant amount of confidence in myself through multiple events that happened in the past few months and I didn't want to sit around and accept it. I wanted to make a change. You might have seen glimpses of it through my working out in the real world blog and essential oils blog, but my change was deeper than that. 


Why I wasn't incredibly proud of my weight loss

It wasn't healthy. I went through about two months of constant stress, from wondering where I was going to live, to my car dying out of no where and getting a new one (that had problems in the beginning), to working 24/7 for my job just to be laid off from that same job, to developing stress induced psoriasis (that I'm still struggling with btw) I mean the list goes on! Through that time, I ended up losing about 10 pounds just from stress alone.

I was forgetting to eat lunch at work, going to pilates to clear my head and having no appetite afterwards. It was not great. I curiously stepped on the scale one day and realized I had dropped 10 pounds and was happy!... for only a few minutes. I then wondered more than anything... why

Going through my head to wonder why I had such a dramatic weight loss, I first thought of pilates, then I thought it was because I was eating smaller portion sizes, just to come to the realization... I was actually forgetting to eat, not fueling my body for workouts, in a constant state of stress and wasn't paying attention to how badly I had let my life circumstances effect my body.

Unfortunately, it wasn't until I had developed the stress induced psoriasis that it finally clicked for me.

I needed to make a change for the better and I needed to make it ASAP.


Why I'm extremely proud of my weight loss now


That isn't me anymore! While I dropped the 10 pounds initially, I decided to make a mental shift from I'm so happy I'm getting skinny to I don't care if I get skinny, I need to get healthy. I was tired of living in a constant state of stress, so I took time to focus on my mental clarity by using essential oils, reading (which I had never done for fun before), journaling my days, going to pilates ONLY when I had properly fueled myself before, starting yoga, and taking more time for my skin care routine at night to feel my best.

From there, I changed the hardest part of all: my diet.

I didn't try out some crazy fad diet or even consider a diet at all! I just made sure I was aware of when I was eating, what I was eating and decided whether or not I felt it was good for me.

I didn't force myself to eat skinless chicken because it was healthier, I chose parmesan crusted chicken because I knew I would eat it and enjoy it. I didn't throw out my pasta because it has sooo many carbs, I ate the pasta, but added veggies and laid off some of the cheese. I didn't cut out in-n-out completely because it was unhealthy, I treated myself to it because it would make me happy, but only on Friday's and I HAD to workout the next day if I did.

I chose happiness, and that is the only choice I needed to make.


So, the title of this definitely explains the truth! I didn't drop 20 pounds because of consistency and workouts and meal preps and diets. I dropped 10 pounds because of poor choices, but made a change and dropped the other 10 because I chose to live my life, work hard, and be happy, and those 10 pounds lost have been the most rewarding.


My point of telling you this is not to go stress yourself out to lose weight or be happy about losing weight because of unhealthy practices. It's actually quite the opposite.

Be aware of what you are putting your body through and always put yourself, your health and your happiness FIRST


This by no means was easy, as this has by far been one of the most difficult times in my life. I've had to put every area of my life as a priority, between my new job, my health, finances, side-hustles, mental clarity and social life and that has taken a huge amount of dedication and effort, but it has been paying off in more tremendous ways than I ever could have thought.

I had never felt more down about myself than I had when I realized I dropped 10 pounds and developed a skin condition because of the stress that I had let myself endure (yes, I let myself get that stressed.)

When you know you're stressed and do nothing about it to make a positive change, we are intentionally putting our body through the stress. We can't always control what happens to us, but we can always control how we react and move forward with it.


I still have more progress to be made (hoping to drop another healthy 10 and get back to my pre-college athlete body lol) and I hope to take you guys along with me :) 

Love you all more than you know <3





Easy Smokey Eye Tutorial + Tips


So I have to be honest before we start here... I wasn't going to post this video.

I filmed this so long ago and once I started editing it, I just wasn't in love. I hated the back drop, I'm out of focus for half the video, I talked WAY too much when filming in near made it impossible to edit.

But here we are:

The core of this video still stays the same. I LOVE the way the eye turned out and I believe this will be super helpful for you all. The perfectionist in me didn't want to post it, but the real me said "eff it, you already did the work and haven't posted anything new in 4 months! Just throw it up there!" so there you go.

Here is my easy smokey eye tutorial and I've even included a few more tips for you all down below incase you don't have time to watch this super long tutorial (I promise I'll cut the time down on future tutorials cause I KNOW y'all ain't got time to sit and watch my face for 16 minutes lol)



Do your eyeshadow first

This is critical when it comes to any smokey eye, whether it be black, purple, brown, anything. I used to hate doing my eyeshadow before makeup because it took so much time, but it'll save you a lot of headache and clean up time to do your eye first. This way, you can be as messy as you want when applying shadow and you will always end up with the sharpest eye possible (if that's the look you're going for).


Take the time to blend

An un-blended smokey eye will literally make your eyeshadow go from glam to... "damn, what's on her face." If you can't spend a little extra time for blending, this look is not for you. Smokey eye's take time and patience, so grab a snack and prepare to spend a little more time than normal with your smokey eye


A smokey eye will not look good until the very last minute, so don't fret if you've finished all your shadow and it still looks bad! Once the face, contour and lashes are on, it will all come together. So be patient, blend to perfection and be ready to rock the night out with the new, fierce you ;)





Vegas Hot Spots: Matcha House Tea and Sweets


I'm back with another hot spot! Not sure how many of these I'll keep doing, but I thought this deserved a shout-out ;)


I always try to avoid getting excess Starbucks or spending money on fancy drinks, but let's face it, it has never worked out. I LOVE me some fancy drinks, so much that my fridge consists of more liquids than actual food!


I recently ventured to Matcha House Tea and Sweets, a brand new hot spot down in Henderson, NV and they instantly had me hooked! Here are some details if you're looking for a savory spot with the trendiest drinks:


What is it?

Matcha House is a place that sells, well, Matcha drinks! Not only that, but they do sell Matcha based desserts, sweets and a few snacks on their menu too. If you're not familiar with Matcha, you should be. It is all the rage these days! It's basically powdered green tea leaves that you can put on top of drinks, in drinks, etc. People say that Matcha can give you 3 times more caffeine than regular green tea because instead of infusing the tea in water, you are actually consuming the tea leaf itself. I definitely believe the caffeine part, considering I got this drink at 5pm one time and couldn't fall asleep at 3 am... #mistakes. Here is an article that will tell you more on Matcha if you want to know specifics. 

What Do I Get?

I'll be honest guys, I've only gotten one drink at this place because I simply can't get enough of it! I get the Imperial Matcha Tea with Tiramisu Mousse sweetened at 75%. Sounds complicated, right? That's what I thought, but it's essential an iced green tea with the most delicious, creamy mousse mixture on top that sinks down into your drinks for the perfect blend of hearty and happy! (you can get different levels of sweetness to your tea, and 75% instead of 100% sweetness makes me feel a LITTLE bit better). 

How's the Price?

Not going to lie to you guys, it's pretty steep. The tea I get is the most expensive on the menu, and added with the mousse on top, my order comes out to $7.58. Now to me, that sounds like a lot, especially because a cheeseburger and fries from In-n-out is $4.65! But I would say it's definitely fair for the ingredients (Matcha is pretty pricey) and the size of your drink (which is slightly around or even larger than the size of a trenta from Starbucks). Is it an everyday go-to however? No. 

Why Do I Love It?

I love this place for 3 simple reasons. It's delicious, it's fun and pretty healthy too (depending on what you get of course). Since this is a local place and not a chain, I failed to find any nutrition facts for the menu, however Matcha delivers a generous amount of caffeine and health benefits that you can justify almost any of their Matcha drinks to be good for you. 

As for the desserts? They're probably not healthy, but this place is literally meant for serving a crazy new style of drinks and desserts that are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and just generally, happy. I'm all about places who's products are purely meant for enjoyment, and there is always groups of friends there just hanging out and enjoying what they have to offer, so I say the deal is pretty sweet.


Overall, is this place a necessity? No. But one Tiramisu Matcha later, and you'll sure be craving it for a long time coming! I appreciate the creativity of this business, the cleanliness of the spot, and the quality of the drinks and I love to treat myself with something that is not only semi good for me, but delicious and trendy too ;)


If you don't believe the hype, just check out the Yelp review here. But to all my locals (comment below if you actually live in Vegas and are reading this!) you definitely should try it out and invite me along with you ;)



battleforbeauty <3 


How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

My makeup can never last all day, this is crazy!
— Every oily skinned girl ever

I thought it were impossible too! My skin get's oily just ONE HOUR after putting on my makeup... one hour! I never thought I'd be able to find the right products, right ingredients and right techniques to make my makeup last all day long, but I did, and I'm going to prove it to you!

For those of you who are my Youtube subscribers headed on to my blog site, welcome :) but for those of you who aren't familiar, I recently uploaded a video called "how to make your makeup last all day long" and proved it in a vlog where I were my makeup for 18 hours straight! 

If you're looking for the actual application, watch along! However for my lovely people who are readers out there and want me to get straight to the point, skip ahead and I'll show you my top, fool-proof ways to making your makeup last all day long (I will worn you though, you'll have the words "prep" and "set" engrained into your mind after reading. And if you STILL don't believe these tips work, well... the proof is in the vlog ;) 

Face Makeup 


Set Your Primer

Dry skin ladies, this may not be for you, so beware! Setting your primer with a translucent setting powder is key to making your makeup last all day long. The truth is in trick. Even with the worst of primers, if you lock it into place, it's not going anywhere. Setting your primer ensures that your primer will not separate from your foundation, causing patchiness. This also creates another barrier between your skin and your foundation, making oil that much harder to penetrate to the surface and disrupt your makeup.


Less Foundation, More Stay Power

Less is more when it comes to making foundation stay all day long. This may sound counter-intuitive as we think we need layers upon layers to not wear off, but it's quite the opposite. Start with a budge proof foundation. My favorite of the moment is the Fenty Beauty Pro Filtr' Foundation as it does not budge one bit. The heavier the foundation, the more likely you are to have separation and transfer. This is caused by your skin not being able to breathe. The more foundation you wear, the drier your skin will feel, which cause more oil to come through and more foundation to separate. Let your skin breathe and only go for that one layer of full coverage ;) 


Set like it's No Bodies Business!

Just like normal, you MUST set any liquids, including foundation, concealer, contour etc! I love the Sephora Microsmooth powder to set my entire face, however any loose setting powder or pressed setting powder will work as well. Make sure to set your entire face after you are done using all of your cream products like a cream contour or liquid highlighter. If you choose to bake, that will work as well! In my experience, baking causes my face to feel dry and cause more oil to come through, so bake away if you wish, it's just not my cup of tea. 

*again, don't go over board here. Remember, less is more :) 


Fan in your setting spray

It's not enough just to set your face with a setting spray, you MUST fan it in! I'm not a fan (pun intended) of people pushing the setting spray into their face with a beautyblender etc. after spraying it. Your blender can soak up the setting spray or push more product into your skin from the blender, causing breakouts and cakiness [cake-ee-ness... not sure the correct spelling here lol]. The best way possible to maximize the potential of your setting spray you threw down maddd stacks for, is to fan it in. The faster that setting spray dries, the more locked and loaded it's going to be on keeping your makeup in place. Try it out, it really works! *creds to NikkieTutorials for the tip 


Eye Makeup


Prep the Eyes

When it comes to the eyes, longevity of your shadow and liner truly rely beneath the surface, aka, your base. Find an eye primer that works best for your lids. I personally also have oily lids, which is why I like the Mac Paint Pot's. They're pretty tacky so they'll stick on to your skin throughout the day.


Set the Eyes

Didn't I warn you about the prep and set dance? (if you don't know what I'm saying, then you clearly didn't read my intro!) This can go one of two ways: either your setting your primer, or setting your LINER! 

Setting your eyeshadow primer is just like setting your face primer. You want to make sure you have the smoothest base possible for proper shadow application, but you also want to make sure that trusty old primer base isn't doing you dirty later on in the day. You can set your eyeshadow primer with another shadow, just make sure it is translucent and you cover your entire lid.

Now, for my ladies who have issues with eye liner or shadow smudging... we shall set some more! You can see how I do this in the video, but if you just can't find a liner that is even remotely close to not smudging on you, you may want to listen (and watch at 7:35) up. Smudging occurs because of watery eyes or oily eye lids. What is the one thing that has been trusty to us when it comes to stopping transfer? Setting. Take an eyeshadow that matches your liner (i.e if you're wearing black liner, take a black eyeshadow) and lightly tap the shadow over your liner to set it. It's simple as that! Now if you know your eyeliner smudges no matter what, it's probably best to skip out if you're going for an 18 hour day, but if you are determined, well, here's your best hope!

Oh, and try a waterproof liner next time perhaps.. *no tea no shade*




The Power of Liner

I never was a liner girl, until Colourpop sold them for $5 and I thought you know what, times have changed let's give it a go! Lining your lips does wonder for your shape, but what about longevity? Don't just outline your lips with your liner, fill them in! A lot of people use liners as lipstick because of the pigmentation and stay-proof power of them. Consider filling your entire lips with the liner, and then adding your matte liquid lip or comfortable lip color on top. That way, once your lipstick fades away and is ready for a touch up, your liner will still appear underneath and keep the color your were going for. 

Disclaimer: this may dry out your lips a bit quicker than normal, however if you use a satin lip or gloss on top of the lip liner, you keep the pigmentation of liner, and keep your lips feeling comfortable with just a few occasional touch ups.

That is all, folks! And if you're not convinced, check out my super awesome day and vlog below where I test out this long-wearing makeup ;) 


Love you all!



battleforbeauty <3